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10 Best Cheeky Underwear for College Girls

black lace panty and a floral panty

Cheeky underwear brings some fanciness and fun to look for more closet options. The cheekiness that comes with these panties gives them the name cheeky panties. They have a unique cut and height, making them a unique piece. They have a low attitude and a reasonably large fabric cut on your cheeks compared to a thong design.

If you wish to give a playful touch to your panties, then cheekies make a perfect option. Cotton cheeky panties make the hype worth it since they prove comfortable with the stretchy fit hugging your curves. Lace cheekies bring the same hype home for all cut-panty lovers who find this panty design perfect.

Women’s cheeky panties have proven a game changer in the wardrobe affair. The romance, fun, and vibe they bring into our lives might surprise you.

1. Lace Trim Cheekini Panty

Do you love blue outfits? If you do, then this Victorian secret cheeky panty tops them all. It comes with a moderate cloth at the back surrounded by blue lace. The additional cheeky lace trim gives this underwear a sexy look. You get to cover more of the cheeks, but the lace keeps inviting attention. So if you intend to look sexy with your boyfriend, you don’t have to say it. Wearing this underwear piece says it all.

The solid fronts with contrasting sides and back add to the fashionable look of a bikini panty. In addition, the stretchy microfiber fabric guarantees you extreme comfort.

2. Strappy Lace Cheeky Panty

Strappy panties bring all the vibe to your body. This panty set comes with a matching bra top making a complete swimwear costume. If you get them from Victoria secret, you get almost every color and size available. The solid part fits perfectly at the front, and rare body parts expose beautiful straps and lace design.

The minimal back coverage gives your cheeks a sexy exposure. These strappy panties will do if you need to find the perfect bikini panty for a beach party.

3. Swirly Star Cheeky Panty

Are you fascinated by pink lingerie? The swirly star panty design has a unique style for anyone looking for beautiful night lingerie. It will suit all your college occasions and fit perfectly under your clothes.

Most satin panties come with a see-through design to make them flashy, and this panty proves no different. The satin material gives a soft touch to your skin, making it the most comfortable panty option in your wardrobe. In addition, it comes in a high-cut leg fitting coupled with strappy cutouts. You should not let this panty design go without giving it a try.

4. Gingham Remix Undie with Ruffle Trim

Do you aspire to rock in that swimming pool or beach party? This Gingham look has a brilliant fancy touch that makes your perfect curves admirable. The fluttering ruffle leg gives your appearance an exclusive ravage experience.

You will enjoy the medium coverage with a mid-riser on the leg whenever you need to get sexy attention. The soft fabric lets you hand wash ideally and sundry without a struggle. The center comes in a satin fabric hence very comfortable.

5. Floral Lace Cheeky

Lace panties prove an essential vibe for a college girl. It fits perfectly on the front and back, exposing floral lace edges.

The brand makes cheekies with the perfect eco-friendly fabric for an everyday user.

The panties won’t irritate the skin or cause any threat to the environment. Therefore, you might get these unique panties to suit different college occasions.

Since the cheekies prove seamless, they fit even with body-fitting clothes. Consider hand-washing the underwear in cold water without wringing for a perfect line drying process.

6. Blue Glitter Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Do you look forward to rocking in that college bikini fashion show? We have found the best cheeky underwear piece for the occasion. It comes with a fashionable unique bra piece that will leave you all beautiful. Everybody will envy you as you catwalk on the stage with such iconic fashion underwear.

The blue glitter cheeky bikini bottoms are exciting if you fancy outdoor swimming sprees. The fabric brings with it immeasurable comfort to add fun to your college life. If your boyfriend invites you to spend some quality time, these cheekies will spice up the moments. The cheeky underwear has all your good memories wrapped together in one simple look.

7. Orange Big Leaf Cheeky Bum Bikini Bottom

If you love clothes with nature prints, this cheeky underwear gives you the chance to shine. It suits places with a natural setting and is the perfect bikini for nature enthusiasts. The lingerie makes you look vacation-ready and fun-filled. The orange leaf print also appears on the matching top, proving elegant.

If you have a beach plan with your college friends, this cheeky bikini bottom and top should be on your must-have list. Beautiful memories require fashionable pieces just like this one.

8. Pretty Flowers Cheeky Panties

Any college girl who still fancies floral fashion design will appreciate these pretty flowers’ look. In addition, it has a unique see-through top front and back. Although some of your cheekies get covered, you still get to see them through the see-through fabric.

You will find all sizes to cater to your body size comfortably. The decorative details come in a two-tone lace design that will amaze you. Don’t worry about your health safety since the panty comes with a 100% cotton gusset.

9. Printed Dream Brazilian Bikini

Do you love Brazilian vibes? If yes, HANKY PANKY panty design has all it takes to make you happy. The high leg cut gives your thighs a beautiful exposure. If you need to go for a memorable swimming experience after classes, try out this unique underwear as a bikini.

The low-rise front stretch has beautiful lace-like decorative laces.

The delicate waistband trace gives you a romantic feel when spending time with your lover. Most people find skin exposure sexy hence the perfect date selection.

10. Tulum Cheeky Bikini Bottoms - Pink

Is the festive season approaching? Do you have the perfect bikini bottoms for that college party swimming extravaganza? The Tulum cheeky panties and top bring you the best bikini to give you a spectacular entrance.

They will make you stand out among your peers and contribute to a fantastic time. Be sure to use non-chlorinated water since too much chlorine, and direct sunlight change the beautiful colors. The adjustable side straps make these panties the ultimate underwear option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of cheeky underwear?

Cheeky panties provide some cheekiness in both height and length. They cover an extra cheek area while maintaining a sexy look.

Is cheeky underwear good?

Cheeky underwear proves perfect for daily use. The panties cover a moderate bum and hip exposure while providing the ideal waistband.

How do you prevent your cheeky undies from riding up?

You have to wear fitting undies with the best fabric. If the underwear fits perfectly, it will give you a tight-fitting hence not go up. The excellent material also doesn’t pull your clothes up while walking.