10 Best Hair Products of 2022

10 Best Hair Products of 2022

We assure you that you are not alone if you have fallen victim to TikTok’s temptation this year and bought a variety of hair products. The app that was originally best known for its popular dancing videos and ridiculous challenges has somehow evolved into the go-to spot for hair enthusiasts when it comes to not just learning about the newest trends but also receiving excellent product suggestions.

The influence of TikTok is no joke. A TikTok-sponsored internal survey found that approximately forty-three percent of TikTok of users have attempted something after viewing it on the platform at least once. So, here is everything that TikTok got us to buy that we now swear by as the top 10 best hair products of 2022.

1. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum

TikTok has deemed this product as one of the best hair products for growth. Numerous users swear by it to get thicker, fuller hair and claim that it causes your hair to grow out like crazy. With the help of multiple innovative chemicals, the lightweight serum transforms your hair into a thicker, fuller, denser, and healthier version of them.

2. Olaplex N0. 7 Bonding Hair Oil

Olaplex is one of the top professional hair care brands. If we had to guess the reason behind their popularity; all the credit would go to the effectiveness of their products. It moisturizes, strengthens, and restores all types of hair. Reduces flyaway, and boosts color vibrancy, sheen, and smoothness while providing heat protection up to 450°F/230°C.

It works with all textures and varieties of hair. Just add a few drops of this amazing hair oil to restore the texture and overall appearance of your hair. Moreover, the product can be used on either dry or wet hair, or even before styling your hair. Hence, making it one of the best.

3. Curly-Q Heatless Curl Set

This heatless hair curling had taken the world by storm due to its easy, convenient, and damage-free hair curling technique. All you have to do is clamp this tool onto your wet and middle-parted hair with a secure hair catcher. Then, divide your hair into multiple strands, the thickness of which entirely depends on the type of curls you want. Now, roll those strands around the tool and secure it with a hair tie, preferably a silk scrunchie. Then go to bed and release your hair in the morning and enjoy healthy and bouncy curls without damaging your hair.

4. Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty has been the talk of the town for a while now but, its popularity persists in 2022. The product is completely customizable according to your needs. Dull hair? Itchy and flakey scalp? Don’t worry because you can customize a shampoo AND conditioner that is dedicated to eradicating those issues. All you must do is go on their website, take a quiz, and curate the perfect hair product for your hair.

5. Verb Ghost Oil

This product was developed to naturally smooth frizz, reinforce weak strands, and boost brilliant shine for all hair types. It also contains moringa oil. You can also use the oil to smooth any flyaway and split ends in dry or wet hair, depending on whether you want to retain moisture or improve heat style protection.

6. Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

#HairTok has been buzzing with talk about Dyson’s Airwrap Complete Styler. The fact that it can accomplish everything, including drying, curling, and smoothing, without inflicting heat damage is what many find impressive.

7. Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother

Yes, another Olaplex product has made it on our list of best hair products of 2022. The product is a leave-in smoothing cream with a high concentration. N°6 provides strength, hydration, and a 72-hour reduction in frizz and flyaways. It is excellent for colored and chemically treated hair of all sorts.

8. All Eyes on Me 10-in-1 Hair Perfector

The product works as a heat protectant spray and can also help style your hair. Apply to freshly wash, towel-dried hair, then style as normal. Dry hair might also benefit from its application. The product simplifies your hair care regimen without compromising what you.

9. KRISTIN ESS Instant Lift Thickening Spray

The product instantly volumizes without weighing down your hair hence, leaving it looking shiny and fuller. All hair types can use this spray. It is a root-to-end volumizing hair spray, known for providing immediate fullness and shine renewal in addition to offering long-lasting style support.

10. IT'S A 10 Finishing Hair Spray Plus Keratin

It would be unfair if we didn’t include a heavy-duty hair spray in this list. Even though performance-wise this product is categorized as “heavy-duty” but, the application is surprisingly light-weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair products do the Kardashians use?

The Kardashians are often seen with gorgeous locks of long and healthy hair. It sparks curiosity as to how they have such fantastic hair especially after styling it on a daily basis. The Kardashians swear by the Olaplex hair products and especially, the Olaplex No.3 line.

What shampoo does Jennifer Aniston use?

Jennifer Aniston is known to switch between Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo and Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo.

How do hairdressers get hair so smooth?

A quality serum is crucial, coupled with the right shampoo and conditioner to achieve smooth and shiny hair. You can use a blow-dry spray, smoothing serum, and hair oil that suits your scalp.

What happens if you leave Olaplex on too long?

People have left Olaplex 3 for more than 12 hours without experiencing any negative effects, but this does not guarantee that you will experience the same. You can encounter several problems, such as an irritated scalp and sting, reddening, and stinging of the eyes if you leave Olaplex 3 on for more than 90 minutes.

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