Acrylic Nails – Important Things You need to Know

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Women love to have stylish and long nails. You may have beautiful nails, but most women face issues when they try to keep long nails. If you are among those who struggle for nails but could not get enough nails, then using artificial nails is a good choice.

Artificial nails are made up of gel, silk, and acrylic materials. Acrylic nails are the best among these three types of nails. It is a great idea to get acrylic nails if you prefer artificial nails. There is no doubt that acrylic nails are durable and beautiful, but there are some pros and cons. Let me introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic nails before you think about using them.

What are the advantages of Acrylic nails?

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Here are some advantages of acrylic nails that make them unique and preferential to silk and gel nails.

  • Ensures protection of natural nails

Most nails are used for styles, but these acrylic nails cover the natural nails under them when you use them. If an emergency happens, they protect your natural nails. Acrylic nails may also help women with weak nails that can break easily.

Breakage of nails is a harrowing experience, but you can get short acryic nails to cover the weak natural nails to protect them from breaking. You can quickly put them over the natural nails to protect your natural nails from any emergency.

  • Durable

Acrylic nails are stronger than silk or gel nails and ensure durability. Their life span is larger than silk or gel nails. Women prefer acrylic nails over gel or silk nails because of their extended-lasting features. Acrylic nails offer more excellent resistance against any breakage than natural nails.

  • Easy to put and remove

Acrylic nails are also very easy to put and remove, protecting them from breakage and protecting your natural nails from any damage or pain.

  • Versatile and beautiful

Women love to have beautiful and versatile nails that make their personalities unique from others. Acrylic nails are aesthetically stunning and attractive than other artificial and natural nails. You can easily shape them and adjust their length to make them perfect for your fingers to put them firmly over the natural nails.

  • Affordable

Among all the artificial nails options, acrylic nails are affordable. They are also long-lasting that makes them more affordable than silk and gel nails.

  • Easy maintenance

You need frequent maintenance of silk and gel nails, but acrylic nails can serve you without maintenance for two to three weeks efficiently. Their cleanliness is also pretty easy. If acrylic nails break for any reason, you can repair them and give them a new shape easily.

  • It looks like natural nails.

There are many options in acrylic nails for you that look like natural nails. If you are an experienced nail technician, it will be easier to find natural-looking acrylic nails.

  • Protect from nail-biting

It is also better to protect your natural nails from nail biting by covering them with acrylic nails. If you are habitual of nail-biting, then acrylic nails are a good option for you. They are durable and hard to bite or chew.

What are the disadvantages of acrylic nails?

the creation of extension nails

You have known the best things about acrylic nails that now seem very charming, but some terrible things about acrylic nails may affect your experience with acrylic nails.

  • May affect natural nails growth.

If you cover your natural nails with acrylic nails, then your natural nails underneath the acrylic nails may damage. It may also create a hurdle in the growth of natural nails when you put acrylic nails over them. Your broken nails may also become a suitable place to live for germs.

  • Artificial look

There are some options to find acrylic nails that look the same as the natural nails, but it is hard to find. If you do not have much experience, then you will get acrylic nails that will look artificial. So if you are looking for artificial nails that look like natural nails, you should skip acrylic nails.

  • Hard and inflexible

Acrylic nails are rigid and inflexible that may become long-lasting, but they can cause pain when you use them for more time. They can also cause inflammation or injury on your fingers top if they cause infection. Frequent use of acrylic nails can make your natural nails thinner and weak.

  • Bad smell and can cause diseases.

Harmful chemicals used in acrylic nails give a horrible smell and also can cause health issues. These nails are very close to natural nails and stop the passage of air. Due to that feature, natural nails became weaker and broke quickly.

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