Natural Beauty Hacks to Beat the Heat this Summer

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The summer heat can make it a challenge to look your best! It is harder to remove your makeup and nail polish too. The sweat and dirt play a role with the summer heat and take a toll on your skin. They can sabotage your beauty routines. Luckily, these natural beauty hacks can help you stay on top of it no matter how high the temperatures soar! A professional, an established makeup artist shares these hacks.

USE a Tampon to Remove Nail Polish

Once you use a tampon to remove nail polish, you can say goodbye to the challenges you had before attempting to get it done! Use a paper thin, disposable product, not a rigid plastic one. A thin one will be gentle, so it will remove the polish, but not damage your nails in the process.


The hot temperatures are harsh on hair. It can leave it dry, damaged, and brittle. You want your hair to be healthy and shiny! Using a hot water bottle and cotton balls to dry your hair is a great hack to put in place for your routine! Take a relaxing bath and then use a blow-dryer for a few minutes. Make sure you use a conditioner each time you wash your hair to help keep it shining.

If you struggle with greasy hair due to the summer heat, use a hair care sponge for drying instead. It will seal in the moisture. When your hair is wet, dip it into the sponge and cover your head for 5 minutes with a plastic cap. You will notice a difference right away! You can add a bit of plant oil or olive oil when you wash and condition your hair too also helps to moisturize it.

Using a flat iron, you can dry your hair and roots. Don’t keep it on the hair for more than 5 minutes or you may cause some damage. This process can reduce the damage from the UV rays of the sunlight on your hair. If you are outside often, consider wearing a hat when you can. This will reduce the UV damage to your scalp and the amount of work it takes to reverse it.

Invest in quality shampoo and condition. Read the ingredients and stick with a product as natural as possible. Some products cause more damage than help, and you will fight a losing battle with them. Identify the right shampoo and condition for your hair type too. Your hair may be oily, dry, or a combination. There are also products for color treated hair or for those that swim frequently. Such products offer extra help to nurture the hair follicles.

Pumice Stone

The summer heat can cause your pores to get clogged, increasing the chances of acne. Ugly whiteheads and other pimples can be painful and embarrassing. The chronic cycle due to the dirt and debris can leave scars. Many of the acne products on the market contain harsh chemicals. They can dry your skin, leaving it flaking and itching.

Use a pumice stone on your skin and it will help with opening up your pores. It can end the problem with acne during the summer heat. The pumice stone will remove dirt and excess oil. Plus, you don’t expose your skin to chemicals that harm it. The pumice will remove dead skin, giving your face a healthy glow.

Love Pumice 2 in 1 Pumice Stone

Love Pumice 2 in 1 Pumice Stone for Feet, Hands and Body


A little known beauty hack to incorporate is using a toothbrush on your scalp. This improves circulation. It also gives the hair follicles more moisture, preventing them from drying out due to the heat. Your hair will look and feel healthier with this procedure in place. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to your hair and use the toothbrush to gently rub it in around the scalp.

Be gentle so you don’t irritate the scalp. Rinse the scalp with some warm water when you are done. You can use this procedure for your nails too. If they are thin, dry, and cracking, this can help them to look healthier and get stronger.

With these beauty hacks, you can still look amazing despite the summer heat! It doesn’t take much time or cost much money to incorporate these ideas into your beauty routine. You will be blown away by how much of a positive impact they make on your hair, skin, and nail care outcome!

Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush

Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush

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