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The 10 Best Stylish Backpacks for College Girls


When going shopping for a teen joining college, you should consider a backpack one of the essential items they need. Of course, they have closets, lockers, and wardrobes in respective places around college, but they need backpacks to port stuff like stationery and other essentials from place to place.

Therefore, when you begin shopping for the best backpacks for teens and college girls, you must look at several aspects of a backpack that makes it the most suitable. If durability is your priority, you must consider the material’s toughness.

However, if you are looking for fancy designs, you will have to narrow down the specifics that your teenager or college girl regards as fancy. Some go for trending designs they see online or with other popular kids at school. Others may go for art or coloring designs associated with some artists, while others would go for designs that best match their choice dress code.

You may also consider the size of a backpack as another significant parameter. The size of stuff one needs to carry around at college differs and can be numerous. There are books and other stationery, electronic gadgets like laptops and phones, and most college girls will need extra room for their make-up.

1. Nova Crossbody Backpack

The nova crossbody is easy to carry since it has a shoulder strap attached to adjustable metal caps. You can also carry it on your arm since it has a pair of perfectly fitted handles. You will also find its color and shape attractive and stylish for a college girl who loves fancy things. It will also have enough space for your stationery, mini-laptop, iPhone, and a side pocket for a make-up kit.

2. Sportswear Futura Mini Backpack

For the lovers of durability and safety of their items, you will find this backpack durable and fitted with a nice lock hatch. The backpack is also versatile, and you will be able to carry a variety of items from stationery to electronics and sportswear. Its white color will allow you to carry it over any dress color, making it uniquely stylish.

3. Alpha Leather Backpack

Have you ever heard about a perfect combination of quality, style, and convenience in a single backpack? Well, the alpha leather backpack does it for you. For style, you will find it girlish with gleaming hardware that marries trendy dress codes. It will also be spacious to fit almost all your stationery and gadgets and, most importantly, keep them safe.

4. Dannie II Mini Backpack

The Dannie II mini backpack makes you outstanding with a glossy jungle-like material. Its classy logo keeps you at par with the several people who fancy this trending design backpack. The bag is large enough for your mini-laptop, phone, and stationery. You will find a nice back pocket for our cute college girls for your make-up kit.

5. Joyrider Backpack

Are you a lover of floral or colorful designs? This sporty and sleek backpack will give you an aura of modern sophistication. The backpack is easy and comfortable to carry around with enough space for your stuff and many smaller pockets inside and outside. Its color will also be agreeable to most of your outfits.

6. Anouck Sling Backpack

The sling for carrying this backpack looks a bit different from other regular backpacks, thus making you look both unique and outstanding. It’s large enough to fit in your sportswear, electronic gadgets, stationery, and other stuff. You will also find zipped side pockets for something extra you want to carry.

7. Kånken Rainbow Water Resistant Backpack

As you learn from the name of this water-resistant backpack, your stuff like gadgets and books will be safe and dry even during bad rainy weather. Moreover, the rainbow-colored shoulder straps and decorations will also make you look unique and stylish. The space added by the extra back pocket will also be suitable for smaller stuff like a make-up kit for college girls. The brilliant logo also adds to the decoration.

8. Sam the little better Sunshine Dot Backpack

This fashionable backpack’s bold polka dot design will make you part and parcel of great street fashion design that has been in place for a very long time. You don’t have to wear black and white to look great with this bold coloring since it agrees with countless background colors. Its spacious nature accentuated by a back pocket is sufficient for almost all student stuff you can think of, not to forget the adjustable straps to fit any body size.

9. Small 8-Knot Canvas & Leather Convertible Backpack

Forget backpacks with only one carrying style; you can adjust the strap of this 8-knot symbolic backpack to carry it across your shoulders or as a crossbody. However, whether you want to carry it depends on its weight and comfort. The leather and canvas material will also allow you to use your backpack for a good time. The brown and white coloring of the backpack will either contrast or match your outfit, giving you a unique look.

10. Mini Lola Quilted Leather Backpack

For the girly college girls, here is a classy backpack whose bold pink color and attractive design will make you the coolest girl in your campus group. The captivating logo, an added catchy feature on its rear, will turn heads as you walk around campus. Moreover, the backpack’s leather material will provide safety for your stuff for a longer time, given its durability. The space in the backpack will be enough for school stuff and other stuff as you head for some party or social event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bag is best for college girls?

Like the several types of backpacks we have described above, the best bag for college girls is the one that will best serve for carrying college stuff and girls’ stuff with the added feature of style and fashion associated with the college girls’ age bracket.

Do you wear a backpack in college?

A backpack will be necessary; you will need so much in college to carry stuff like stationery, gadgets like laptops and phones, and much other personal stuff like make-up kits for girls.

Do you need a big bag for college?

The size of the bag you need can depend on several factors. However, the bag should be big enough to carry the stuff you need yet small enough to be easy to carry around.