10 Best Thongs for College Girls

gray, white, and brown thongs for college girls

Thongs for college girls need to be the best wardrobe attire. Being in college means you need to stay ahead both academically and fashion-wise. Your underwear garments should suit your body shape.

They should also bring out the confidence in you the most. You should invest in the best clothes which also go with amazing undergarments. You don’t know when you may walk into that pool party of your dreams or get a surprise beach party.

 So whatever the case, your undergarments need to suit the perfect bikini look any day. All thong lovers should find this article a life-saving piece in their college lives

1. Calvin Klein Women's Invisibles Thong

These women thongs from Calvin klein prove a must-have for most college girls. The ultra-thin seamless material doesn’t show under the skirt, trousers or body-fitting dress. The thongs come in an extra silky material that favors machine wash. So if you need to do machine laundry for your panties, you will find them compatible. The material also proves smooth and comfortable for daily college wear. If you need to use them as bikinis, the logo on the waist will make them the best in the pool.

2. Victoria's Secret The Lacie Thong

Do you love lacie thongs? Most college girls find Victoria secret lacie panties the perfect thong choice. They come out fancy and stylish for most occasions.

You will find these thongs in various plain colors like black and red. The floral design also comes out beautifully for summer beach parties. This thong design will work for official and casual wear, not forgetting the swimming spree.

3. Chocolate Seamless Rib Lace Trim Thong

Seamless thong designs prove exceptional. They will not show under any clothing, including the tight ones.

This phenomenon proves a relief, especially to most college fashion lovers. This chocolate rib-lace trim thong will give you all the comfort you desire.

The chocolate ribbed material and the seamless design give all college girls the best undies. A matching bra is all you need to get the perfect bikini match.

4. Stranded In Lace Crochet Thong

Do you love the Japanese style of doing laces and crochet, especially in undergarments? Most college girls get thrilled with this design. The stranded in lace crotchet thong will give you that unique Chinese look.

The panty design will be a great fit as it comes with a matching bra. It proves easy to hand wash, and sun drying won’t even take two hours. If you need to feel lightweight, beautiful and sun-kissed during that swimming extravaganza, why not try out this thong set?

5. Microfiber Thong With Logo Waistband

What is that college look that you desire to gain? This microfiber thong design has all that you prefer. The logo waistband gives it all the vibe for college students.

The high shine microfiber material makes all colors adorable. In addition, it won’t make machine washing a struggle, especially with like colors. A matching bra makes it the perfect piece in your wardrobe, and you will feel comfortable. 

6. Morning Feelings String Thong

String thongs have some exciting touch when we talk about our undies. The cotton material stretches to fit you perfectly and has a comfortable fitting. I find the floral motif sexy too. This set is an ideal selection if you need the perfect thong and bra for a romantic gate away. The material proves safe and gives you an exciting time. You will find small, medium and large sizes to suit your size perfectly. If you need a gift for your girlfriend, try this thong design and a matching bra.

7. Modern Cotton Thong

Calvin Klein brand never disappoints. This modern cotton thong design absorbs sweat and gives you a dry feeling on busy days. It’s low rising and fits comfortably, allowing you to have a carefree day. The smooth elastic waistband doesn’t fit tightly, and you will feel very comfortable on your day. The stretching nature allows it to accommodate you even after gaining some weight. If you need a classy underwear solution, Calvin Klein proves the girl’s favorite brand.

8. Plus Size Signature Lace Original Rise Thong

These panties look amazing on anyone looking for an excellent panty design in college. HANKY PANKY brand invests in making fashionable clothes, including underwear. This thong design makes the perfect fit if you have a plus-size fitting. You will experience zero panty lines, especially when wearing body-fitting clothes. The flat lace gives the sense of a second skin contributing to a natural fitting. You will also find it easy to hand wash and line dry.

9. Matilda Thong

See-through panties make the perfect panty solution. MATILDA thong has a see-through design on the sides, and you will love it. It’s also affordable, and any college girl will afford it. The solid front gives the pant a unique safety design. In addition, it’s hand-wash friendly, and it dries quickly too. If you need the perfect gift for your college girl or girlfriend, the back dot embroidery makes this thong an ideal piece.

10. V-Cut Thong Bikini Bottoms

Being curvy comes with its fair share of challenges. You might find it challenging to find fashionable thongs if you are a plus size. But, this V-cut thong also serves as a bikini bottom whenever you need one. Your high-rise waist and high-cut legs will give this bikini bottom an excellent chance to showcase your beautiful shape.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a college girl?

Girls value fancy panties no matter their age. You will be delighted to know that a beautiful set of matching thongs and bra includes some of the best gifts for college girls.

How do I choose the right thong?

The best thong will be that one that makes you comfortable wearing. It should also fit perfectly and be from your favorite fabric.

What is the best fabric for thongs?

Cotton proves to be the best fabric for most undies. Let the central inner part contain a small cotton fabric if it’s not made of cotton.

What is a cheeky thong?

This thong design has extra fabric on your bum compared to typical thongs entering your bum cheeks. The additional fabric gives you a flirty yet beautiful look if you consider your panties as bikinis.

Do thongs cause yeast infections?

We don’t have research-based evidence on this claim. However, you might consider wearing cotton fabric thongs if you prefer them for daily wear. Drying your underwear in direct sunlight also helps prevent foreign germs that may trigger UTIs.  

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