Top 9 Essential Vitamins For Dry Skin You Need

Essential Vitamins For Dry Skin

There are many vitamins for dry skin out there but how do you know which works for you? Some people have naturally occurring dry skin, while it develops due to certain factors in others. The factors that may result in dry skin include aging, dehydration, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and seasonal weather changes.

Like other health issues, dry skin may improve with the supplementation with vitamins. You will also need to change your lifestyle and use treatment ointments and moisturizers on other occasions.

Natural vitamins were known to improve our dry skin conditions for ages immemorial. Currently, several vitamin supplements will help you manage your dry skin condition.

The best 9 vitamins for dry skin

The following characteristics will guarantee vitamin supplementation to help with dry skin conditions.

  • Your skin lacks elasticity and feels brittle
  • You have a blotchy and dull appearing skin
  • You have rough textured skin
  • You may experience scaling, itchiness, and skin flaking
  •  Easily catch infection
  • Experience redness and irritation
  • Skin pores get invisible
  • Easy to see wrinkles and create weak lines

If you may be experiencing the above symptoms on your dry skin, then vitamins may help you.

 Here are some of the vital vitamins for dry skin to improve your dry skin condition

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D, which has fat-soluble nature, contributes to many health aspects in our bodies, including our skin’s health. If you have low vitamin D, it will be possible that:

  • Your skin’s immune system will be low
  • You may suffer from skin conditions like Eczema and psoriasis, which cause dry skin
  • Your skin may suffer from low moisture content
  • The skins barrier properties get interfered with

Keratinocyte cells on our epidermal skin layer get tasked with producing vitamin D in our bodies. However, these cells may fail to make the vitamin D that our bodies use for various reasons. In this case, you start experiencing the problems associated with dry skin.

After getting vitamin D supplements, studies have shown that the symptoms may improve, and in some cases, they vanish after the skin has had enough vitamin D.

If you get diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, starting on vitamin D supplements will help you mitigate problems associated with dry skin. Most doctors will prescribe vitamin D supplements like the Metabolic Maintenance vitamin D-3 and the Bronson vitamin D3 supplement.

2. Vitamin C

The skin needs antioxidant properties to stay healthy. Vitamin C serves as the skin antioxidant and also helps in collagen production. Under normal skin functioning conditions, the epidermal layer contains the highest levels of vitamin C. Some research has found this layer to hold up to 64 mg vitamin C in every 100 grams of the epidermal layer. This quantity proves that vitamin C will be vital for normal skin functioning.

Vitamin C helps combat skin dryness by boosting the skin’s hydrated nature and boosting the skin’s protective nature. If the skin stays hydrated, you will not face dryness. Also, if the skin gets protection from foreign agents, you will not suffer from skin infections that render the skin dry.

If your doctor diagnoses you with low vitamin C levels, Nutrivein liposomal vitamin C and other vitamin C supplements may be of great help.

3. Collagen

The skin’s dry weight and abundant protein happen to be collagen. This protein proves helpful in our skin in that it improves the skin’s hydration. Collagen also decreases wrinkles and weak lines in our skins. If your dry skin gets associated with deep wrinkles, you might need collagen supplements. When the skin has reduced wrinkle depths and sufficient hydration, elasticity will also boost, and you will get a younger-looking appearance.

With extreme dry skin conditions, your dermatologist may prescribe some collagen supplements for you. Some commonly preferred collagen supplements include the Revly Collagen Peptides and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

4. Fish Oil

Did you know that fish oil could be the key to your dry? Dry skin may be prone to inflammations. Fish oil gets known for its anti-inflammatory properties containing two essential fatty acids. These fatty acids comprise docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

These fatty acids will be essential in improving your skin’s fatty acid barrier. In addition, the hydration properties also get a boost after taking fish oil supplements.

Fish oil has had medicinal properties to treat psoriasis, skin inflammatory diseases, and other skin conditions that cause inflammation. Suppose your dry skin gets inflammatory complications, then feel free to see your dermatologist. You may get a prescription of the best fish oils, including the Omega 3 Fish oil and the Ocean Blue fish oil.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E can treat many skin conditions like acne and skin wounds. For many years, dermatologists have prescribed vitamin E supplements to help cure skin inflammations and function as an antioxidant. Vitamin E has also gotten known to prevent skin cancer and other skin infections.

Eczema may also cause dry skin conditions. Eczema is a skin condition that contributes to dry skin, itchiness, and excessive redness. Vitamin E helps in reducing the Eczema symptoms until you recover. If you take vitamin E supplements as per the doctor’s prescription, you may fight Eczema.

Vitamin E helps fight radical damage too. Having a little of this supplement may help soothe your skin and reduce itchiness and dryness.

Unlike other nutritional supplements, you may find vitamin E in many dietary options. Some of these include:

  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Peanut butter
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Red bell peppers

In most cases, most nuts, seeds, vegetables, and plant-based oils contain vitamin E. you should consume these substances during meal times, and you may end up solving your dry skin dilemma. Vitamin E supplements are also get recommended for patients with severe deficiency.

We have found vitamin E to contain similar medical properties to gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Therefore, this supplement is also gets prescribed to people suffering from severe skin dryness and Eczema. To acquire GLA, your doctor may prescribe borage oil, black currant oil, and evening primrose oil.

6. Probiotics

Probiotics get a renowned use to boost the beneficial bacteria in our gut system. When the gut system stays healthy and balanced, you will get a few fighting UTIs and yeast infections.

When you visit your doctor with either UTIs or Yeast infections, your doctor will advise you to consume foods like yogurt, pickles, kombucha, and kimchi. All these dietary options help boost the Probiotics levels.

As the Probiotics perform those significant tasks, they also serve to keep your skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. Don’t be surprised if your dry skin condition improves after supplementing your Probiotics levels. If the dietary option doesn’t provide enough Probiotics content, you may purchase the supplementary ones.

7. Hyaluronic acid

Have you seen skincare products containing hyaluronic acid? It serves as an ingredient in most skincare products. This ingredient helps diminish fine lines that may contribute to the development of wrinkles. It also improves the skin’s hydration process.

If you suffer from dry skin, purchasing skincare products containing hyaluronic acid would be beneficial. It also improves the skin’s moisture-retaining ability while complementing the elasticity.

Most skincare products guaranteeing a younger appearance contain hyaluronic acid. Consult your doctor first before including a hyaluronic supplement in your skincare routine. However, if you need younger-looking skin without dryness, then hyaluronic acid might be an excellent place to start.

8. Ceramides

Our skin’s natural barrier contains fat molecules accounting for up to 50% of our skin. These fats help protect our skin moisture from harmful elements that cause dehydration and dry skin. Being the newest development in skincare supplements, Ceramides prove promising, especially in hydrating the skin and reducing wrinkle formation.

In a 2018 study on Ceramides, Ceramide cream was found by researchers to produce skin moisturizing properties identical to the skin’s natural moisturizing ability. For this reason, Ceramides prove effective in preventing dryness and solving the dry skin problem. Phytoceramides make the most used brand of Ceramides supplements.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains a molecule chain of mucopolysaccharides that help in skin hydration. This property has made Aloe Vera a significant ingredient in most moisturizers and essential for dry skin treatment.

When the skin’s moisture is restored and protected, it regains its elasticity, and the dryness vanishes. Aloe Vera constitutes an essential natural remedy to skin dryness that has helped many people. The Aloe infusion face and body moisturizer may be perfect in restoring your skin’s smoothness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vitamins are best for dry skin?

All the above nine vitamins and skincare ingredients discussed in this article prove vital for the skin.

Is vitamin C good for dry skin?

Yes, vitamin C helps in preventing excessive dryness in the skin.

What vitamins can cause dry skin?

A deficiency in any of the vitamins discussed above will cause dry skin.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have seen that deficiency in specific vitamins may contribute to dry skin, you should see your doctor if you develop dry skin. Diagnosis of the particular vitamin deficiency may solve your dry skin problem quickly. So, if you suffer from persistent irritating dry skin, get checked and start working on that deficiency for vibrant, hydrated, moisturized, and healthy-looking skin. You may end up treating related skin conditions like Eczema too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vitamins are best for dry skin?

All the above nine vitamins and skincare ingredients discussed in this article prove vital for the skin.

Is vitamin C good for dry skin?

Yes, vitamin C helps in preventing excessive dryness in the skin.

What vitamins can cause dry skin?

A deficiency in any of the vitamins discussed above will cause dry skin.