Brazilian Waxing: How To Get The Benefits

popsicle stick with sugar wax dripping

Brazilian waxing, also known as wet waxing or flat waxing, is a popular type of hair removal for men and women. It is usually done at a spa or beauty salon. Although it is also used in other establishments, including hotels, motels, and other businesses. The term “Brazilian” is usually associated only with women. However, men also use waxing on their body parts. The process is more complicated and requires more time than facial hair removal. If you are considering having your hair removed, consider the following questions to ask:

How long does it take?

All Brazilian waxing techniques are different; including methods for removing hair from the back, chest, legs, and other areas of the body. Depending on how much hair you have to remove and its thickness, the time it will take may vary. Some people can have their work done in exactly an hour. Whilst others may need up to four hours to be completely healed, and free of irritation.

What is the recovery period like?

A thick, white film forms on the area treated during recovery, just like after a regular haircut. This is a lighter color than the area to which it was applied, so you can recognize it immediately. Because it is made of natural oils produced by the body, going through a Brazilian waxing session reduces the pain you feel during recovery.

Are there any side effects?

Depending on the person being treated and their individual preferences, some may suffer a bit of redness at the treatment site. The reddening is usually temporary and goes away quickly. You may also experience some swelling or minor bruising, but these are typically gone after a day or two. Minor swelling and bruising can occur when too much wax is used during the procedure, so be sure to ask your esthetician about it before doing it.

Can women get a full Brazilian wax if their first time isn’t a success?

It is certainly possible to have a successful first time Brazilian wax. Most estheticians will start by applying small amounts of a topical anesthetic agent to the client’s skin. This anesthetic, often a localized lidocaine, numbs the skin, making it easier for the esthetician to work without causing discomfort. Once numbed, the estheticians then use a device called a “hot wax” to heat up the wax until it is a liquid. With the hot wax, it makes it easier for the estheticians to work on the client.

Brazilian waxing isn’t for everyone and definitely isn’t recommended for women with sensitive skin. Some women have described it as painful. Though it depends on how much wax was used and how open your skin is to the treatment. Also, it is important to ensure that you are an expert licensed esthetician who does his or her homework. You wouldn’t want to go to your general practitioner who isn’t aware of what he or she is doing, and you wouldn’t want to use unlicensed estheticians, who may not know what they’re doing either.

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