The 10 Best Alternatives to Acrylic Nails (Affordable + Safer)

alternative to acrylic nails

Instagram Pinterest Facebook Acrylic nails are a great way to get the look of real fingernails without having to worry about the upkeep, but they can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, the chemicals used to apply them are unhealthy and can cause major harm to your nails. Fortunately, with time, various alternatives to acrylic nails […]

40 Gorgeous Mothers Day Nails For Your Special Occasion

Mothers Day Nails

Now that mothers’ day is approaching, have you decided on your beauty look yet? Mothers day nail designs will be a great topic on that day. Mothers form great pillars in our lives. You will find that you have a mother or mother figure in your life, no matter your circumstances. So if you decide […]

50+ Beautiful Brown Nails You Need To Try This Season

Brown Nails

Sometimes we wonder how to wear brown nails perfectly. However, if you find the ideal inspiration, brown nails could be your best nail design this year. With spectacular nails like coffin nails, almond shaped nails and tapered nails, brown could be the perfect nail color. This is where creativity and knowledge of some of the […]

50+ Beautiful Summer Sunflower Nails To Try This Summer

Summer Sunflower Nails

If you’re tired of your current nail style, here are some of the hottest summer sunflower nails trends to try this season. These nails are the most inspo-worthy nail art, polish colors, and trends from different colors of each nail to colorful nails. Take a look and pick your best to wear to complete your […]

50 Stunning Playboy Nails To Make You Stand Out

Playboy Nails

Going for a manicure? Thinking about painting your nails for summer? You have come to the right post! Summer is around the corner, and let’s get ready to have a bright, vibrant, attractive manicure. Dreamy nails are always the best option to go for; be it day or night, you are going to love it. […]

50 Best Stylish Bright Summer Nails To Try In 2022

Bright Summer Nails

Summer comes with a bunch of events to embrace and have fun. Most weddings, engagement parties, and other joyous events get held during this time. All these events will need you looking gorgeous with beautiful hair, makeup and nails. Bright summer nails will be a plus during this period. Finding perfect bright summer nails with […]

50 Insanely Attractive Spring Nails to Try in 2022

Spring Nails

With the spring season approaching, you need to be looking spectacular in all aspects. Not only do you need your hairstyle fabulous, but also your makeup and nails. We work around the clock to bring you all good looks to look as beautiful as you desire. Spring nails designs have dominated our sites for many […]

The 30 Best Pink Almond Shaped Nails This Summer

Pink Almond Shaped Nails

Beauty has proven an essential aspect of the human race from ages immemorial. Nails form a significant part of beauty, especially for women and recently for men. When you get your nails a fantastic look, your confidence level rises to the roof, and it might even boost your day’s success. Pink almond shaped nails will […]

40 Cute St Patrick’s Day Nails Designs For 2022

St Patrick’s Day Nails, green nails

We have celebrated Saint Patrick’s for many years. Now that this day approaches so fast, we need to prepare excellently and feel in the theme as the day comes. We have used green, gold, and shamrocks themes for many years to grace this day. But you may add some more classic colors into these and […]

50 Best Blue Coffin Nail Designs to Die For

Blue Coffin Nail, blue nails

The nails section has received tremendous attention in the beauty industry over the years. Coffin nails derive their name from the square shape with a flat end instead of a pointed one. This shape resembles a coffin hence the name coffin nails. Coffin nails come in different colors, and these nail shapes prove spectacular. These […]