10 Steps To The Perfect DIY Manicure

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The world is nothing but a big beauty parlor. Even a kid wants to stand out of the queue with an inevitable fashion sense. Everyone, starting from a little kid to a grown-up adult, wants to look attractive. Fashion trends surpass all other sensations and are prevailing in modern times. DIY Manicure is one such beauty treatment done by women and men after 16 years of age. 

Mostly, the adolescent group (from age 16 to 30) prefers DIY Manicure. After all, teenagers have a knack for beauty and fashion. Adolescents are obsessed with being cool and flashy. That is not a bad thing, though. Being beautiful gives you self-satisfaction and confidence that reflects directly in your workplace. DIY Manicure makes it possible. Why not give DIY Manicure a try when you are up for a party or ceremony? Now, that sounds sizzling, right? 


Bye, Bye Nail Polish!

Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel

In most cases, girls and women prefer DIY manicures. Nail Polish is found in every female’s makeup box. That’s kind of a female code that must be maintained. However, to get something better, the good needs to be sacrificed. 

The very first process of a DIY manicure is to wipe off the nail polish. Nail polish removal is the initial step and is necessary to carry out the procedures succeeding the former. 

Nail Embroidery

After removing the nail polish with nail polish remover (readily available in the market), the next step is to clip the nails. Clipping may not be necessary in every case but is recommendable in most cases. Then, file the clipped nails to bring out a perfect shape. 

After clipping and filing are done, buff the nails and look to verify whether the nails are ready to undergo further procedures.

The Tale Of Cuticles

Make sure you do not prep the cuticles with any petroleum jelly or oil. Using cuticle remover is the best choice to carry out the procedure effectively without a drop of worry. Don’t confuse your mind by taking cuticle remover and cuticle oil as the same product. They are different in composition and serve other purposes. 

Next Stoppage: Hands!

Getting done with nails is only 25 percent of the whole DIY manicure treatment. After you clean and shine your nails, it is time for the hands. Exfoliating your hands is a vital part of the treatment. Scrub your hand, wrist, and forearms gently but firmly. It will clean the surface of the skin by shedding the dead cells. 

Dead cells are responsible for a dull complexion and lack of luster. That’s why eliminating them benefits the skin. Please wash your hands thoroughly and leave them to dry. After washing off the scrub, you will notice a significant shine in your complexion around the needle. That marks the victory of moisture over dead skin cells. 

Butter On Bread

When you think about butter, you think about a polished and lustrous dish. The same goes for moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing the skin is the most effective way to hydrate the treated area. Moisturizing the skin avoids smudging. Apply the moisturizer and gently massage it to let the skin absorb the nutrients. 

Shield Of Captain America

One can not afford any damage to the treated nails after so much work. That’s why it is essential to protect the nails after moisturizing the region. Applying a base coat is an effective way to protect the nails from suffering any external damage. It is the essential thing in the DIY manicure treatment. 

If you are doing it at home, then do it carefully. Professional artists can perform it more efficiently. If you want the best results, consult or visit a ladies parlor. 

Rainbow’s First Color

After all the cleaning procedures and moisturizing the skin, it is time to color your nails. It is what females go mad about. It indicates the beginning of the end of the DIY Manicure. If the first coat of color is well-applied, the second coating gets done in a clink. That’s why the first coating should be sharp and clean. 

The Silver Always follows the Gold

After neatly applying the first coating comes the number of the second coating. After the first coating becomes dry (takes approximately two minutes), apply another layer over it.

The Last Morsel Of Pie

After the second layer of color becomes dry and loses moisture, it is time to protect the two color layers with a topcoat. The third layer applied on the nails is called the topcoat and makes the pin shinier and protects the former layers. 

The Graduation Hat

After all of the above procedures are done neatly, it is time to give it a final touch and display the result. Cut and clean any rough edges left after the topcoat dries down. Make sure to do it swiftly without affecting the treated region. Do not get hasty, or the results will go against you. That is not something that a person would desire. 

The above ten steps are the most productive ways to carry out the DIY manicure treatment. A DIY manicure involves no or very negligible use of any slightly concentrated chemical. That’s why there is no reason to worry about any severe side effects. It is better to notify the beauty artist before a DIY manicure if you have any injury or infection in the nails. Preventive measures are necessary and should not be taken lightly.

Many other beauty treatments like DIY manicures and many people prefer such beauty treatments before parties and ceremonies. Being beautiful and handsome surely uplifts one’s perk. Let all the talk sink in; why not go for your first DIY Manicure if you still have not given it a try. No one regrets getting a DIY manicure. After all, being trendy is the ultimate goal in the fashion world, and DIY Manicure is the savior. 

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