10 Best Hipster Underwear for Women

HIPSTER panties for women in pink background

Have you found the best hipster underwear for college girls yet? Most people love bikinis and boyshort panties. Sometimes, choosing which to wear proves challenging. Hipster boyshort underwear. They are a combination of these two underwear designs.

Hipsters fit below the navel, which makes them very comfortable. The leg length helps them give a fluttering figure hence a must-have for most college girls. You might find that hipster underwear works best for plus-size ladies who need to wear beautiful dresses, but their butt size doesn’t fit in most regular panties. If you wish to wear your clothing comfortably, a hipster panty will be a perfect choice.

The figure-fluttering looks that these underwears accord women have made them famous worldwide. Every college girl will love to have hipster underwear in a panty collection. So, if you want the best hipster underwear for college girls, keep reading this article

1. INNERSY Women’s Hipster Panties

INNERSY brings you the best cotton hipster panties for regular and plus-size ladies. They fit below the navel but have a broad and comfortable waistband area that keeps your curves in the right place. Although the panties are 95% cotton, the crotch area comes with 100% cotton fabric.

The underwears have all sizes available in different sizes. It has a thin, flat, and stretch waistband that doesn’t show under your tight jeans, skirts, or dresses.

2. Warner's 3 Pack Hipster Panties

Warner’s hipster panties come in the best design and fabric. The smooth touch enables you to wear them confidently under casual or formal wear. The pack comes in three different-colored panties to suit your daily clothing needs. They prove machine-wash friendly, so you don’t have to worry about machine washing them with similar clothes.

These panties have a broad, flat, and smooth waistband that gives you comfortable tummy control. We recommend any plus-size college girls to enjoy these panties for a relaxing day’s experience. If you need to find the best gift for your college girlfriend, these panties make a perfect choice.

3. Black Stretch Cotton Hipster

This black hipster panty with white prints makes the perfect college underwear. It fits perfectly and comes in various sizes. The black color makes it ideal for wearing with multiple colors. If you have brightly colored trousers, shorts, dresses or skirts, this panty won’t show. The wide clothes selection it might cover makes it popular among college girls.

The panty proves cotton with over 93% cotton fabric and 7% spandex. The material guarantees safety from infectious diseases since it dries perfectly to give you a dry experience. In addition, it washes perfectly in the washing machine hence no washing struggles. It also dries fast under the sun to guarantee you a comfortable wearing experience.

4. Breathe Pink Hipster Panty

Are you a pink lover in college? If so, the college will get better with this pink hipster panty in your collection. You will find it adorable to wear on your special college days. If you need a bikini experience, this panty has you covered.

It also suits a unique boyshort vibe, and you might wear it for swimming or exercise. Most college girls also agree that this panty design brings onboard some romantic vibes. You may also wear it during a perfect after-date experience. Most Japanese panties come with this spectacular touch, and this one gives a brilliant gifting idea.

5. Bare Hipster Panties

How do you love bare, plain hipster panties? We find them elegant and an excellent fit for most college girls. The white color makes them fancier and adorable. The breathable stretch nylon material proves lightweight and easy to hand wash.

The flat edges will give you a nothing-there feel hence very comfortable for your daily college routine. This panty design suits all white lovers since it cleans quickly and maintains the white glow. If you love cotton more, the lined gusset in these panties gives you a cotton gusset perfect for a crotch area.

6. Wacoal Flexible Hipster Briefs

Do you want to feel flexible even during your regular exercise routine in college? If yes, you should invest in the Wacoal flexible hipster briefs. These hipster panties have a comfortable fitting and come in the best fabric. You won’t sweat unnecessarily, and the high brief design lets you move your legs to any heights you wish.

The sweet picot around the leg openings makes the piece a beautiful one. If you visit your partner, they will find the panties simple and appealing. The picot design makes it perfect as a swimwear panty too.

7. HANKY PANKY Crotchless Hipster

Have you found the best hipster after midnight panty yet? We have found this such a catchy piece you shouldn’t be missing. After midnight events with your partner will get juicier with this sexy hipster panty design.

The hipster underwear has a butt opening to give your ideas on getting cheekier and sexier. Furthermore, who said your college sex life should get boring?

The see-through lace material gives more details than the eyes can resist. So, if you need that unique sexy lingerie, go for the HANKY PANKY design.

8. SPANX Undie-tectable Lace Hipster

Are you a plus-size model in college? You must have various reasons to get the best panty with a shape-wear design. SPANX lace hipster takes care of your tummy and butt area to bring out the perfect shape in you. The see-through lace fabric at the butt region gives this panty a sexy touch.

It fits perfectly and emphasizes the essential curves of your body. You will not worry about panty lines with this unique panty piece. The bonded waistband adds to the tummy comfort and controls you need in college life.

9. MOI Shaping Hipster

If you want the perfect body figure, supportive underwear makes it easier. MOI shaping hipster makes your body shapely by controlling how your tummy appears under your clothes. We were delighted by the laser-cut edges that prove ideal for keeping your belly under control. In addition, the panty dries when washed and will suit emergency college plans.

The smooth rise eliminates any lines making this panty design modest and professional. If you have a job deal to embrace with a professional look, these panties will never disappoint.

10. BIRDSONG Midnight Poppy Hipster Bikini Bottom

Have you found the best hipster bikini yet? If not, BIRDSONG brings you the perfect hipster bikini. It suits best for midnight adventures, so you might also consider wearing it for that dinner date. If things get juicier after a warm-water swimming adventure, it will extend as a cute after-swimming panty.

The midnight poppy color makes this design perfect for undies. Everybody around the pool will be fascinated by how beautiful you look. The matching tops bring everything you ever wished to have in a swimming suit. College doesn’t have to be boring with this unique taste in swimwear hipster bikinis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cheeky and hipster panties?

Cheekies have a narrower gusset compared to hipster panties. The narrower gusset in cheekies makes them ride between the cheeks and lower bum. Hipsters cover the whole area hence more comfortable for some people.

Are hipster panties a whole coverage?

Yes, hipster panties offer a whole back and front coverage.

What do men wear under their pants?

Like women, men have their underwear garments too. Most known designs include briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, and thongs.