Penis size remains the biggest concern for most men, and they often wonder how small is too small for a woman. When you find yourself in a romantic relationship, you may often wonder if your equipment size satisfies your woman. Most men will wallow in this thought, not understanding how small is too small for a woman.

Adult content contributes to too much worry in most men. Most pornographic sites portray large penises as the ultimate tool to turn on a woman. But, telling the truth, a woman’s emotional satisfaction turns her on more than any gigantic penis. In addition, pornographic content operates more on fantasy and not realistic scenarios.

If you might wonder how small is too small for a woman, this article will be an eye-opener.

How Small Is Too Small For a Woman?     

How Small Is Too Small For A Woman? - corn representation

The following tips will help answer your question about the ideal penis size for a woman.

The Average Penis Size

Did you know that the average known penis size ranges from 4.7 to 6.3 inches? This size gives a very wide range in between that probably lays your size. You may be worried that your six-inch isn’t big enough, but on the contrary, you exist in the average range of penis size. This range means that no matter the size in this range, a woman will feel satisfied with you and might be overthinking it all.

If you didn’t know, most women prefer the common penis sizes in this average range. It will be common for most women to get turned off by monster penis sizes. The average vagina goes only for 3.77 inches.

It makes sense that any penis that goes deeper than this depth may be uncomfortable and painful during intercourse. You don’t even have all your equipment inside a woman during intercourse. It, therefore, means that your penis is more than enough, and you should worry less.

You Would be Worried if You Had a Bigger Penis

It will surprise you that even men with large penises think they have small-sized machines. Researchers have confirmed that men with over 7-inch penises have booked penis lengthening procedures. However, even with more than the average size, these men still felt that their sizes were in the small-sized category.

This revelation portrays that all men have a skewed perception about their penis size. So, if you think you have a small size, it might be true that you are on average or even beyond the average penis-size category.

There is an optical illusion on things if you have a view from above. They tend to seem smaller. I bet you might be viewing your penis from above the body posture. To find out your true penis size, try checking it through a mirror placed in front of you.

It will seem larger than you expected. Also, try changing your mentality and face your woman. Ask her if she feels satisfied with your penis size, and you may be surprised by her response.

Very Few Women Think About Your Penis Size

The woman’s G-spot, where all orgasms get triggered, isn’t far deep in her vagina. Most women reach orgasm during foreplay when the G-spot gets excited by the last finger-sized object. So come to think of it, isn’t your penis even larger?

Most women get turned on by how emotionally attached they feel towards you or how effective the foreplay seems. Before you even penetrate her, you might have won the game already. The size of your penis will not matter.

The viginal depth emphasizes why most monster penises will feel painful. The woman only needs her G-spot discovered and excited and not deep penetrations into her vagina. As a result, only 18 % of women will reach orgasm through vaginal penetration.

So, your penis size should not determine how you pleasure your woman. Clitoris and G-spot excitations will mean everything for a woman to reach orgasm. Also, the styles and positions you use mean a lot. You, therefore, need to give more emphasis to that.

Micro-Penises Are Quite Rare

Most men think they have small penises, yet they have averagely normal sizes. Therefore, a person with a micro-penis should worry, which still proves very rare. This condition happens if the erect penis size is averagely below 2.75 inches. If you have a penis larger than this, even before erection, you should not worry.

Micro-penises are discovered when a child is born, and doctors use corrective hormone treatment to help the penis grow to normal size by the time they reach adulthood.

Women Fancy Men With Good Knowledge Of Sex Positions

Women will enjoy sex more if you understand which sex position proves best to them. The sex position a woman prefers directs you to discover their G-spot. There proves to be more to sex than the man’s penis size.

Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm. So if you combine the best sex position, clitoral stimulation, and G-spot stimulation, a woman will not even care about the size of penis you possess.

You may also achieve deeper vaginal penetrations using certain positions during sex. So, the size of your penis will matter less when you know all these tips to excite a woman sexually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 7-inch penis small?

A seven-inch penis proves to be an averagely sized penis. Small penises go below three inches when erect.

What is the minimum penis size?

A micro-penis gets considered the minimum penis size. This size goes up to 2.75 inches of an erect penis.

Does the penis size matter?

People emphasize the penis size for a woman to feel sexual pleasure. On the contrary, other factors like sex positions, clitoral, and G-spot stimulation play an important role in sexual intimacy.

How small is too small penis size for a woman?

Unless you have a micro-penis that proves very rare, there is no too small penis size for a woman. If you play your game right, your woman will achieve sexual orgasm no matter the size of your penis.