Ultimate DIY Acrylic Nails for Beginners

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Unfortunately, not everyone manages to grow long nails due to mechanical damage, improper care and a lack of vitamins. Extension comes to the rescue. There are two ways to build up nails: acrylic and gel. Acrylic nail extension is more in demand today. You can do it yourself; however, to carry out such a procedure, you will need special tools and materials and the ability to use them correctly.

What are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are artificial extensions created by using a mix of liquid monomer and powder polymer. Acrylic is the first material used to create artificial marigolds. Back in the 60s of the last century, a dentist, who previously made dentures from acrylic, pleased his wife with artificial nails. Gradually, the material gained popularity. Unlike gel, acrylic nails do not need an ultraviolet lamp. This material cures perfectly in the air in a few seconds.

What You Need in Order to Do Acrylic Nails

To perform the procedure at home, a novice master will need:

  • Acrylic powder: translucent, camouflage and white if French manicure is planned;
  • Monomer/liquid – liquid for polymerization; Small container for monomer with a wide bottom – for easy rinsing of the brush;
  • Medium brush for forming acrylic drops and for basic work with the material; Small brush for treating the cuticle area;
  • Files and buffers for shaping natural and artificial nails;
  • Tweezers-clip for forming a natural bend of the nail plate from the middle to the tip – arched shape;
  • Nail tips, disposable or reusable, or disposable paper forms to create structure;
  • Degreaser, dehydrator
  • Primer for improving the adhesion of natural and artificial nails;
  • Finishing varnish and design materials.

Acrylic Nail Kit

Acrylic Nail Brush Pure Kolinsky Hair Acrylic White Swirl Blue Handle with Pink Ferrule Round Shaped
42 in 1

Tips for Doing Acrylic Nails for Beginners

Choose a suitable method and join the art of nail extension. At the same time, follow the rules so that the manicure turns out to be beautiful and does no harm. Here are the basic rules for building nails at home:

  • make sure there are no diseases that are a contraindication;
  • disinfect hands and instruments before the procedure;
  • ventilate the room during or after the process;
  • work with quality non-expired materials;
  • follow the technology, do not skip the building stages;
  • on the first day after the procedure, protect your nails from prolonged contact with water and high temperatures;
  • if the nail is damaged, remove and build up a new one;
  • make corrections as needed (recommended every 2 weeks);
  • do household work with gloves;
  • Give your nails a break between treatments and treat them with nutrients.

Acrylic nails extension requires perseverance, scrupulousness and care. Careful work is a guarantee of a beautiful long-term manicure.

Before Preparing Your Own Manicure Kit, Keep These Things in Mind

What is the most important part of at-home acrylics? Obviously, preparing the right kit that will do the job well. You should pick the right acrylic nail kit for you, depending on your budget, but your kit must have all the bells and whistles.

An acrylic nail kit for beginners should not only include solution, powders, primer, and topcoat but also have other tools like an application brush, buffers, file, and nail tips. With good preparation and the availability of all the necessary materials and tools, the procedure will take 2-3 hours. But here, we will recommend you don’t directly apply anything on your nails without practice.

Use artificial plastic tips first to familiarize yourself with how to use the tools and the product’s drying time and consistency. Moreover, choose a variety of nail colors, designs, and lengths. You should also avoid glues with any toxic chemicals or strong smelling odors.

Pick a kit that comes with a variety of nail lengths, colors, and designs so you can mix it up. And don’t overlook the tools you’ll need—many kits come with tweezers and cuticle forks to make application and care easier.

Product Storage

Improper storage of products negatively affects the quality of the nail polish finish. The manufacturer provides instructions for product usage and storage. So, follow their instructions and get the maximum results.

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