A Little Too Much Sun? Here’s How to Remove Your Tan

woman by the ocean getting a tan in her bikini

After being exposed to the sun for long hours, the melanin in the skin increases to cast a darkening effect on the epidermis. The sun rays consist of UVA and UVB radiations — UVA is what causes the skin to tan as it penetrates deep into the skin to trigger melanocytes (i.e., cells that produce melanin). On the other hand, UVB is limited to the upper layers of the skin, where it causes a sunburn!

So next time when your mama tells you to put on sunscreen, a hat, and sun-protective clothing, you better listen because getting rid of a tan is quite the struggle. But if all has been done and said, here’s how to work with your skin to remove the tan:


With some gentle exfoliation, you can remove the dead cells on the skin surface to reduce the appearance of sunburn and to give it that instant glow. Chemical exfoliators target bonds between dead skin cells to break them apart and push out any dirt that may have been trapped within the pores — this gives way to the regeneration of the skin.

Alternatively, you can make use of mechanical devices, such as sponges or brushes designed to work on the surface to remove dead skin cells. However, remember not to step out in the sun after exfoliation, as new skin cells are more susceptible to sunburn.

Skin Lightening Edit

Vitamin C, retinoid, azelaic acid, kojic acid, and glycolic acid are known to be the best active ingredients for removing dark spots and tan lines. Making use of a skin lightening product with any one of the ingredients mentioned above will allow you to slow down the production of melanin during the time to reduce the appearance of darkened regions.

Steer clear of any lightning products that claim to have steroids and other harmful ingredients that can permanently damage your skin.

Skin Bleaching Products

Skin bleaching products are sold on pharmacies only upon presenting a prescription because they’re not meant for everyone to lather on. The incorrect use of a whitening product can adversely affect skin pigmentation — so it just might get rid of the darker streaks to replace them with lighter skins.

Moreover, bleaching creams can also irritate the skin, which is why we suggest you consult a dermatologist if you’re taking this road.

Baring the skin to soak up some sun

Your Beauty Essentials is suggesting the best cream for tan removal and glowing skin, as well as other remedies for what you should be doing after soaking in a little too much sun.

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