MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy – Pros, Cons, How To Use It

MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

Youthful, radiant skin is a dream that remains with many of us, especially women. Achieving this dream is not an easy job, especially when so many factors are out to damage one’s skin. Having healthy and glowing skin is not just about a good diet but also about using appropriate and effective skincare products. 

For many years, people have been using masks for various skin problems, such as acne, facial wrinkles, fine lines, etc. One such mask that is currently trending in the market is the LED Face Mask. 

It is an increasingly popular treatment to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, and I’ve recently started using MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy to do just that. The device works in much the same way as many other types of light therapy devices, exposing my skin to bright LED lights to reduce wrinkles and acne scars without causing any damage or side effects. 

Below you can read my full review of MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy and see whether this LED light therapy product could be right for you.

Pros of MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

Here are some benefits of using MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

1. Fights Acne

While there is no solid evidence to back up MS beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy, there are plenty of reviews from customers who claim that it helped reduce their acne, even severe cases. Most dermatologists do believe that some forms of light therapy can help kill bacteria and other microbes on your skin. However, people who have tried other methods and failed should definitely give MS beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy a try as it may be exactly what they need.

2. Clears and Lighten Skin

According to the company, you can clear up any scarring or marks on your face with the use of these masks. One thing they do very well is clearing out pores and reducing sebum levels which in turn reduces acne breakouts and scars. When used regularly, these masks can help you achieve soft, bright and spotless skin which gives you a clear complexion for that natural look which everyone craves for.

3. Reduces/ Prevents wrinkles and Fine line

The LED lights help to improve your blood circulation, boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines. They are also proven to increase anti-aging peptides, which helps reduce wrinkles and saggy skin.

4. Minimizes pores 

Compared to other treatment products and skin care procedures, LED light therapy is a fast, effective and non-invasive way to help tighten pores. By being able to target individual pore sizes and control sebum levels (the oil secreted by glands in your skin), LED light therapy makes it easier than ever to improve your complexion. It can also be used in conjunction with other skincare treatments, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels, which allows you to see even greater results.

5. Accelerates Blood circulation

Acne and pimples are usually caused by clogged pores and less blood flow to your skin. LED light therapy is able to increase blood circulation in your face, clearing out all those blocked pores while making your face look brighter and healthier. Studies have shown that LED treatment is effective in treating acne vulgaris .

6. Improves skin elasticity

According to experts, LED light therapy helps increase elasticity and firmness in aging skin. For someone who wants a tighter appearance, it’s a great option for maintaining a youthful glow. While other beauty products can cost a pretty penny and take months or years to see results, you’ll see visible differences with an LED mask after just two weeks.

7. Firms and enhances skin texture

The product claims to reduce wrinkles by boosting production of collagen, a primary building block in skin tissue. LED lights also help diminish fine lines and reduce puffiness by increasing circulation. Additionally, LED therapy is particularly effective for acne-prone skin and can help to prevent new breakouts before they occur. In fact, some studies show that when combined with traditional medical treatments like prescription medication, light therapy may prove to be an excellent alternative or additional treatment option for those dealing with moderate to severe acne.

8. Inhibits the formation of melanin pigment

LED light therapy is known to inhibit production of melanin in skin cells. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color, but excessive melanin leads to discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Also called pigmentation, uneven skin tone can develop when pigment-producing cells divide too often or accumulate too much pigment. Pigment also builds up in sun-exposed areas as a result of ultraviolet light exposure. 

Moreover, exposure to sunlight causes oxidative stress on our skin. Just like how you should protect your body from sun exposure through sunscreen and clothing, you should also protect your face. MS Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy helps counteract these free radicals by soaking them up before they can cause damage. 

9. Availability in different colors 

This product is available in 7 different colors with different positive effects that we have mentioned above. Let’s have a look on the colors provided by manufacturers: 

  1. Red Mask: prevents or reduces wrinkles
  2. Blue Light: acne eraser
  3. Green Light: balances skin
  4. Yellow Light: increases immunity 
  5. Purple Light: heals acne scars
  6. Cyan Light: promotes metabolism 
  7. Laser Light: Tightens sagging skin

10. Convenience

Another aspect to consider is convenience. MS Beauty LED Face Masks are quite easy to use, as they only require that you put them on your face and let them do their job. They are perfect for when you have a little time to yourself. In addition, you won’t have to worry about avoiding it due to concerns with things like messes either, as it is incredibly clean and quick And its portability makes it great for traveling with or taking with you when you go on vacation.

11. No Pain or irritation

Your beautician or doctor can recommend LED light therapy if you have sensitive or dark complexion. Unlike other procedures such as laser therapy, don’t burn your skin. They also don’t cause any  irritation or pain.

Some Cons 

  • Expensive 

The bottom line is: Consistency is key to getting the best out of this product. If your skin doesn’t improve with time then discontinue use and try another brand or different type of product entirely.


  • Consult the doctor if you notice redness, pain rash, increased inflamation, hives, or tenderness. 
  • Keep out od reach of children.
  • Don’t submerge product in water or liquid.
  • Don’t use Device while charging.

Hot to use? 

  1. Charge your mask with Micro-USB cable. 
  2. Clean your skin and apply a hydrating and soothing serum of your choice. 
  3. Place the mask over your face and press the power button. 
  4. Place the mask on face for 5-10 minutes. The device has self timer. If you forget to notice the time, it will automatically power off after 10 minutes

Where can I buy it?

A popular and easy method is to purchase it from it’s official website. There, you’ll find a lot of positive reviews for many different colors of light therapy devices. Other popular retailers such as Target and Walmart also carry light therapy systems as well as some local stores. However, be careful with older versions or imitation products. They often don’t provide results and might even be harmful if they aren’t designed properly. Always check reviews online before buying anything to ensure your safety and security when making your purchase.

Let’s Sum Up 

We hope you enjoyed our review on the MS Beauty LED Face Mask. This innovative beauty tool uses LED light therapy to improve skin tone and texture. It’s easy to use and can be used on a daily basis! If you’re looking for a new beauty tool to try, we encourage you to check it out by visiting MoroccanSoulBeauty.