Stages Healing Lip Filler Swelling Timeline – Everything You Need To Know

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Have you found a lip filler swelling timeline? If not, we will give you a chance in this article. We often consider having lip fillers for various reasons. For example, you could be looking to regain the size of your previous lip look, want to experience fuller lips, or even in an attempt to smoothen out facial wrinkles.

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No matter the reason for considering lip filler procedures, you may experience considerable swelling after the procedure. This lip filler swelling timeline will provide you with all the experiences you may have after your lip filler procedure.

What is Lip Filler Swelling?

Stages Healing Lip Filler Swelling Timeline

Your cosmetic treatment doctor injects your lips with synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA) during lip filler procedures. The synthetic HA helps add volume to your lips, making them appear fuller and even more beautiful for most people.

Mostly, you may notice some swelling after the lip filler procedure. Your lips may appear larger and swollen, but the swelling typically goes down after a short period.

What Causes Lip Filler Swelling?

After this cosmetic procedure, some of the following lip filler risks may cause your lips to swell.

Bleeding on the injection lip site

The Lip filler procedure involves various injections on your lips. If these sites bleed out, it may result from some tissue injury. Consequently, the lips will swell up slightly, and you may feel them or even see them in the mirror. However, this kind of swelling doesn’t last long, and your lips achieve the desired lip filler size after up to 24 hours.

A cold sore may occur after a lip filler procedure

When this happens, you develop fluid-filled sores around your lip region. If you experience such a reaction after the lip filler procedure, the lips may swell. You will need to see a doctor, and after the sores have recovered, the swelling will disappear.

Lip tenderness and discoloration after lip filler procedures

If you experience discoloration and tenderness, your lips may have experienced some trauma during the cosmetic treatment. It often goes down after a few days. Your surgeon may prescribe some drugs to help relieve these side effects.

You may be experiencing tissue death

If the injections aimed at the lip region get to a larger blood vessel, it may result in tissue death. Although this scenario may prove very rare in cosmetic procedures, it may happen. The tissue damage triggers inflammations as the body tries to handle the emergence of a hyperemia condition.

If you experience tissue damage from the lip filler procedure, you need to see a doctor for effective treatment. It would help if you never assumed a swelling that lasts more than three days and results in discoloration.

Infections also cause lip filler swelling scenarios

You may develop a bacterial infection from lip fillers like any other injection-related procedure. If this happens, the lips may swell and appear larger than expected. If you notice the swelling taking long to go down, you should see your lip filler doctor. If a bacterial infection gets ruled out, antibiotics will help clear the infection. You will later enjoy your fuller-looking lips without worry.

Accidental lip filler bleeds

Sometimes, your lip filler may bleed to unintended facial parts. If this happens, you may notice lip filler swelling around those areas. You will need a corrective procedure to rectify the unintended bleeding. Sometimes this bleeding may trigger inflammation and infections. Upon treatment, you get back your desired look.

Is it safe to have lip filler procedures? The lip filler swelling timeline-opinion

Lip fillers help solve most beauty-related insecurities. They allow you to get your confidence back and walk around feeling beautiful. However, it may be unsafe to conduct this cosmetic procedure with inexperienced personnel.

We recommend letting a qualified healthcare provider conduct your lip filler treatment procedure. The cosmetic joint you choose should have a skilled plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, or dermatologist.

Most bad experiences resulting in serious swelling issues come from spas or beauty salons with inexperienced staff. Therefore, it will be advisable to avoid getting your lip fillers from such places.

How long will the lip fillers last?

Now that you have had your lip fillers, you may be wondering if they will serve you for a lifetime. The lip filler swelling will disappear and have your lips looking fuller for a period ranging between 12 to 18 months. Depending on your age, they may serve you for a longer or a shorter time.

Research shows that the injection wears out faster on younger people than on the elderly.

This result is because younger people have a higher metabolic rate and the fat deposits after lip filler treatment wear faster. The older people will have the effects lasting up to 18 months.

The ultimate 14-day tour for lip filler swelling timeline

If you have just come out of your lip filler treatment, here are the 14-day experiences you must be prepared for.

First day- Very chaotic

On the first day, the lips will feel lumpy and bruised with painful injection sites. You may feel some weirdness while eating or drinking. To make your day feel more lively, you may consider watching your favorite movies or listening to relaxing music.

Second day

Hard and purple-looking lumps may appear on your injection sites. As a result, you will not feel confident leaving the house, so that that movie series may be the best option.

Third day

The purple lumps may be gone, but your lips will still feel weird. You may think that they appear too full, and you need to wear some lip makeup before stepping out. A hat works wonders for most people.

Fourth day

The lip filler swelling has now gone down. Injection sites and bruising prove visible, but you will start feeling better by the fourth day.

Fifth day

Some discoloration may still be visible. A colorful lip gloss will help hide this. The day makes a good day if you need to get out and start work. By now, your confidence will begin showing.

Sixth day

By now, the lumps should be gone. Start massaging your lips gently. The massage helps clear any bumps. A lip gloss proves vital whenever you need to feel confident outside.

Seventh to the tenth day

Massaging keeps any lumps keep disappearing. The lips get more even with little or no bruising. You will start feeling prettier.

Eleventh to the fourteenth day

The fillers settle, and your lips get their filler look. You will know which lip will need some adjustments or more filler within the fourteenth day. The results get well pronounced by this time. You will find it easy to go outdoors without lip gloss and feel beautiful and confident.

Final Thoughts

If you have just come out of your lip filler treatment, this article will help you stay prepared to face the next fourteen days with confidence and optimism. It acts as the perfect lip filler swelling timeline for anyone looking to beat the odds with lip fillers successfully. Feel free to share our article with a friend going through a similar experience if you find it helpful.

Also, you should follow every piece of advice that your cosmetic surgeon offers to help get the best results. Bromalin and Arnica medication may prove helpful with the swelling. Remember to avoid alcoholic beverages that may irritate your bruised skin but rather have a lot of water. Your first experience will help you tackle any challenges the next time you choose to get lip fillers. If you love what you get, you will want there to be a next time.     

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do lip fillers last?

Lip fillers last for 12 to 18 months, depending on the dosage and your age. Higher doses may last longer while it wears off quickly in younger than older people.

Can you feel lip fillers when kissing?

Once you heal, fillers will not be noticeable when kissing. However, they mimic your lips, and your kissing sensation remains the same as before.

Can you give oral after lip fillers?

You may want to wait for 14 days before giving oral after fillers. Then, you will feel more confident, and the bruising will have completely gone.

Can lip fillers damage your lips?

Yes, if you keep enlarging them every time after the initial filler wears off. The lips deflate, and the skin may sag once the filler expires, leaving you in a bad lip shape. If you have to make the lips big, choose one size and stick to it.