20 Easy Makeup Case With Folding Compartments You Actually Need

Makeup Case With Folding Compartments

Have you had a chance to own a makeup train case with folding compartments? It’s one thing to have makeup and an entirely different thing to keep them organized.

When growing up, I loved makeup products like crazy. So you may imagine this interest grows with me till teenager and now adulthood. I have so much makeup that I have a gigantic makeup organizer. That makes me the perfect fit to help you find makeup train cases to suit your makeup demands.

You may need a small makeup bag to organize your few makeup products, a medium to large for a larger makeup collection. Whichever you need, we got you covered. You will enjoy having your makeup organized and arranging your makeup in the way you need. Makeup train case with folding compartments helps carry makeup with ease when traveling.

A makeup train case with folding compartments will help you store your makeup safely for those in the beauty industry. In addition, if you perform professional makeup, they will guarantee you easy makeup application.

The Best Makeup Train Case With Folding Compartments

Are you wondering where to get these unique makeup holders? Worry no more because I have it all planned out for you. Check out the following, and you might find the perfect one for you.

1. Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

This makeup case has high-quality Oxford material. It will not wear out easily and doubles as a bag for carrying your makeup around. The three big compartments will fit several items and increase your surface area. It will help you keep your makeup organized even during travels.


  • It holds both makeup and brushes
  • Comes with safety zippers
  • Quality material
  • The compartments may be adjusted
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Has adequate storage space


  • No deep compartments

2. Rownyeon Makeup Train Case

Rownyeon Makeup Train Case

This train case comes with three beautiful compartments. It will suit all your brushes, makeup, and other beauty products. It is very useful for storing toiletries, digital accessories, and even jewelry. It will safely hold all those important small stuff that you fear losing.


  • Has three compartments
  • The premium material keeps it waterproof, anti-wear, and shake-proof
  • Easy to travel with
  • It will be a great gift to a loved one
  • It has a beautiful finish and will make your room neat
  • It offers value for money


  • Some people find it costly

3. ASCASE Rolling Makeup Case

ASCASE Rolling Makeup Case

Are you a professional makeup artist? Or do you need a more permanent solution to your makeup storage needs? Worry no more because ASCASE brings you what you have wanted for so long. It comes with more than five compartments, and all your makeup will have more than enough space.


  • Big enough to hold most of your makeup
  • Has wheels, and it will be easy to move around
  • Perfect for professional makeup jobs
  • Has a 360 rotating castor
  • It proves a good gift idea
  • Easy to carry and travel with


  • It comes at a high cost

4. SHANY REBEL Cosmetics Trolley Train Case

Pro Makeup Artists Multifunction Cosmetics Trolley Train Case

You will enjoy the lockable compartments with SHANY REBEL’s makeup train case.

The train case will give ideal service to all that want to perform professional makeup on on-the-camera clients. You will wheel it in and out of the showroom with ease. If you enjoy classic makeup holders in your home, this will be the perfect piece.


  • Long-lasting
  • Has lockable folding compartments
  • It gives you value for your money
  • Lightweight
  • Has travel portability features
  • The aluminum and ABS plastic material guarantee durability


  • The mirror could be larger

5. Rolling makeup train case

Rolling Train Case 5-in-1 with nail polish holder Portable Makeup Train Case

This makeup will roll anywhere you want it to. It has an attractive pink color and proves a lady’s favorite. The compartments have removable dividers to suit your makeup arrangement.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • The pink color offers an easy cleaning experience
  • The aluminum frame guarantees durable service
  • The ABS surfaces have a long life
  • The wheels will turn at a 360-degree angle
  • Has a shoulder strap


  • Some people find it costly

6. Digital Professional Travel Makeup Case

Professional Travel Cosmetic Organizer and Storage Box

Imagine traveling with your makeup lighting and music system in one case? This digital makeup train case comes with a powered mirror with a lighting system. You will make up at any time, even with a poor power supply. The music system will keep you entertained even when camping.


  • Has a wide mirror for the perfect makeup experience
  • The lighting system makes makeup possible anywhere-anytime
  • Easy to carry
  • The folding compartments allow for safekeeping
  • Best for professional makeup artists, hairstylists, and manicurists
  • The synthetic leather, aluminum, and steel material guarantees durability


  • The mirror requires safe carrying

7. SunRise Rolling Train Case

SunRise Rolling Train Case

Are you a professional manicurist, hair styler, or makeup artist working around the clock to make your clients beautiful? Don’t worry. This rolling train case will rotate up to 360 degrees and roll freely to give your clients a stunning look. In addition, it comes with enough space to carry all your beauty products with you.


  • The black matte color offers easy cleaning
  • Carry’s and displays makeup effectively
  • Keeps cosmetics safe
  • Perfect to traveling
  • It will complement your expensive interior décor perfectly
  • You may remove the upper compartments to make them smaller


  • The handle needs to be longer

8. Qivange Makeup Train Case

Rolling Makeup Trolley Case

Most people will not differentiate this train case from your other travel suitcases if you get this train case. It will give your makeup, jewelry, or beauty products the safekeeping required.

The removable wheels grant you easy mobility and a stable standing when they come off.


  • Best quality
  • The dark color proves easy to clean
  • The compartments open, fold and close perfectly
  • The train case comes with enough cosmetic space
  • Safe since the compartments have a lock and key area.


  • It doesn’t come with a mirror

9. Backpack Makeup Train Case

Relavel Professional Makeup Case Extra Large Travel Train Case Makeup Bag for Women Cosmetic Organizer

This backpack makeup train case will give you maximum comfort if you love backpacks. The folding compartments get safely kept in the backpack as you enjoy your adventure. In addition, the soft and breathable material will allow easy air movement to keep the cosmetics free from excess heat.


  • Easy to carry
  • Provides enough cosmetics space
  • The dividers have adjustable features
  • It comes in high-quality material
  • Comes with an external USB charging port
  • Easy to carry in different ways, including by hand or on the back


  • It doesn’t have a mirror

10. Extra Large Professional Travel Makeup Case

Rolling Makeup Case Extra Large Professional Travel

This makeup train case comes with upper and lower folding compartments. The wheels make this case ideal for professional makeup artists. It will rotate at whichever angle you need for good working experience.


  • Has spacious folding compartments
  • Easy to carry and use the makeup therein
  • You will find it easy to adjust the partitions in the compartments
  • Carries a lot of makeup or manicure products
  • The multiple buckles make it ideal for easy installation
  • Quality and durable


  • It has no mirror

11. A & A Travel Makeup Train Case

Small Cosmetics Bag with Adjustable Dividers Suitcase Toiletry Organizer Box

Are you looking for a small makeup train case? The small compartments in the A & A train case will carry all your brushes while taking care of your makeup, manicure items, toiletries, and jewelry. Instead of having them everywhere, this makeup train case will sort the mess.


  • The small size will suit most travel needs
  • It has a double zipper design
  • Fashionable
  • The polyester fabric guarantees durability
  • It has sufficient storage space for a person with few makeup items
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a mirror
  • It can’t help professionals with too many items

12. Sooyee Makeup Train Case/Bag   

Makeup Bag Cosmetic Bags with Mirror

Do you need a classy women’s makeup train case? Sooyee has got you covered. The folding compartments fit in each other to safely lock in all your makeup. In addition, it comes with a sizeable mirror to let you enjoy a perfect makeup experience.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • The folding compartments add to the  storage space
  • The color allows for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • The simulation leather material has waterproof qualities
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Provides quality for money


  • The mirror could be larger

13. BYOOTIQUE Makeup Train Case

Pro Adjustable 6 Trays Cosmetic Case Storage Organizer Box

This train case brings with it amazing folding compartments innovation. It reveals a large storage space to keep all your makeup, jewelry, and manicure products. The six trays fold on each other to display a single makeup holder.


  • Innovative and beautiful
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Provides a large makeup-holding space
  • The trays present adjustable dividers to boost convenience
  • Ideal for professional makeup jobs
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with wheels

14. HOYOFO Small Makeup Train Case

Travel Makeup Case with Adjustable Dividers

You don’t have to keep your few makeup products disorderly when HOYOFO brings you this small makeup train case. It has several compartments, with the upper being ideal for the brushes. You may keep the large makeup containers in the lower and larger compartment. The two compartments join to close the bag keeping your things safe.


  • Portable
  • Small for the easier traveling experience
  • Comes in black
  • Multifunctional and may also carry toiletries and manicure products
  • Has an excellent design
  • The PU leather and nylon lining guarantee durability
  • affordable


  • It doesn’t have a mirror
  • The storage spaces come with shallow spaces

15. Sephora’s Pack it All Organizer  


This makeup train case has two foldable compartments. The outer one serves as a brush holder, while the lower and larger one has makeup storage spaces. You will love how it organizes your beauty essentials classically.


  • Easy to carry
  • The folding compartments close, giving your beauty products security
  • Travel-friendly
  • Soft and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Offers value for money


16. Costravio Makeup Train Case

Large Travel Cosmetic Organizer with Portable Handle and Lock

If you look at this train case from the outside when closed, you will take it for an ordinary makeup holder. But wait until it opens, and the creativity gets revealed. It will take your breath away. If you work as a professional girls’ makeup artist, you will need this game-changing makeup holder and carrier.


  • Colorful
  • Best quality
  • Innovative, stylish, and classy
  • Convenient for all beauty professionals
  • It will carry all your beauty products in one casing
  • The waterproof and dirt-resistant PVC guarantees easy compartment cleaning
  • Provides the perfect gifting experience


  • Has no wheels
  • Some people find it costly

17. Silent Valley Makeup Train Case

Makeup Train Case with LED Mirror 3 Color Light Adjustable

Silent Valley keeps us interested with their outstanding perfection in whatever they do. This travel makeup case proves exceptional with its three-color LED mirror. If you need some class in your travel accessories, you must add this one to your list.


  • Provides spacious compartments
  • The folding compartments allow opening and closing, making this product perfect for traveling.
  • The brush holder may come out to boost convenience
  • Easy to use and adjust brightness
  • Provides a fancy makeup holder
  • The brown color offers easy cleaning


  • The mirror requires high levels of carefulness

18. HighFree Portable Makeup Train Case

Waterproof Black Portable Train Organizer Case

It would help if you had a beautiful makeup train case to give you a stunning makeup look. This makeup organizer will guarantee a neat space and an ideal traveling experience. Who said you don’t have to look good on an adventure mission? So travel and make good memories while looking your best with the HighFree portable makeup train case.


  • The folding compartments open and close systemically
  • Has durable material
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It has an attractive design
  • Multifunctional and will carry a variety of your beauty essentials
  • Provides a large storage space


  • It has a small mirror

19. Cartoon Cats Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bags Four Cartoon Cat Cosmetic Bags Organizer

Will you want to take your pets’ memories with you? This makeup train case makes that possible. You will feel a warm, familiar experience with every glance at the cats. In addition, the cats help relieve anxiety by providing a friendly environment for you.


  • Portable’
  • The cat imprints bring your pets’ memories with you
  • Affordable
  • Has enough makeup storage space
  • Quality
  • Serves as an ideal gift
  • Fashionable


  • Not suitable for professional projects

20. BYOOTIQUE 2 in 1Makeup Train Case

2in1 Portable Makeup Rolling Train Case

Do you want to travel light? This makeup train case will let you carry your clothes and makeup in one travel case.

The removable travel zipper bag may have a few of your travel clothes. The train case also doubles as a backpack.


  • Innovative
  • It will handle your clothes, makeup, toiletries, and jewelry needs
  • It saves space
  • You may roll it or carry it on the shoulders
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Convenient


  • It might be costly