Marc Jacobs Eyelash Primer – How-To Apply, Benefits And More!

Marc Jacobs Eyelash Primer

Now that we have understood the techniques and tips on maintaining your mascara, we may proceed to review the marc Jacobs eyelash primer. To start from the basic information, let’s learn about eyelash primers.

What are eyelash primers?

Eyelash primers work to prepare your lashes before mascara application. They coat even the tiniest lashes with the keratin ingredient. This coating makes your lashes bold, full, un-clumped, longer, and more voluminous. Once you add mascara to your primed lashes, the look becomes even better, and you would never wish to wear mascara without a base eyelash primer for a better look.

What is the Marc Jacobs Eyelash Primer?

The marc Jacobs eyelash primer happens to be an eyelash primer manufactured by the Marc Jacobs brand. This product guarantees users a longer and fuller lashes experience with their mascara makeup. The brand came from Marc Jacobs, born in 1963, and has flourished as a fashion designer.

He indulged in beauty products, and his luxurious beauty products have gained popularity worldwide. You will not be disappointed with most of the Marc Jacobs beauty products. With less than $15, you will get the marc Jacobs primer from SEPHORA. Amazon also sells this product.   

Velvet Prime Epic Lash Primer

Velvet Prime Epic Lash Primer


Every good product stands out due to its outstanding features. The Marc Jacobs epic eyelash primer will be no different. Below are some of the features we feel make this Marc Jacobs beauty primer unique.

  • This epic eyelash primer has anti-oxidant properties. What this means, you don’t have to worry about harmful eyelash ingredients that may cause health problems.
  • This eyelash primer has no fragrance, and you will mostly find the fragrance-free statement on the bottle. This property makes this product ideal for all people with varying skin needs.
  • Contains creamy conditioning formula coats. You will enjoy a beautiful lash look after applying this lash primer. The creamy nature will nourish your lashes and contribute to better growth.
  • The Marc Jacobs beauty primer comes oil-free. Oils make mascara run and should be avoided in the lash region. With this primer, your mascara will last longer.
  • Contains essential nutritional vitamins. The vitamin ingredients will guarantee healthy lashes all through.

Benefits of using the Marc Jacobs primer

Let us look at the benefits of using this beauty product.

  • This primer will lengthen your eyelashes. We all need and admire long lashes. It has become a norm that long lashes make us more beautiful. As much as the Marc Jacobs primer may form the perfect base coat for false lashes, it will contribute to the natural lengthening of your lashes. Creating a routine for every beauty product increases the chances of satisfying results. To develop your way with this product, watch your lashes get longer.
  • It will volumize your lashes. The volume of your lashes determines your final mascara look. Voluminous lashes appear more beautiful. The Marc Jacobs velvet beauty primer adds volume to your lashes, improving your last beauty look.
  • This primer proves long-lasting. If the primer lasts longer, then no doubt your mascara will last longer. The primer will coat the lashes and boost the durability and effect of your mascara.
  • It helps in nourishing and taking care of your lashes. The creamy nature and nutritious ingredients present in the marc Jacobs primer boost the innate nature of your lashes. As a result, the lashes will feel luxuriously soft and healthy, not brittle and dry.
  • The primer helps to maximize the benefits of your mascara application. The mascara benefits will be more pronounced since the primer helps do first touches on coating, nourishing, lengthening, and adding lash volume.
  • The primer formula coats your lashes and forms a strong base coat for mascara application. The lashes will be prepped already, thus producing a beautiful look after mascara.
  • This velvet primer proves easy to apply to form an ultra-plush look for your lashes. In addition, the primer brush guarantees easy application to get your lashes’ length and volume on point.
  • This primer will make your bottom lashes more pronounced. Have you realized that bottom lashes seem smaller and few than the upper lashes? These bottom lashes will coat enough to add on their length and volume with the Marc Jacobs primer. They will then be more noticeable and easier for applying mascara.

How to apply

This review would be unsatisfactory if we didn’t offer you the steps to apply this fantastic primer effectively. So, follow through with the following steps for excellent eyelash primer application.

  • Cleanse your lashes using Micellar water
  • Shake your primer bottle first before use
  • Open the primer bottle and remove your brush with a generous amount of the primer.
  • Apply the primer on the top and bottom lashes from the bottom to the top of the lashes
  • Repeat the application step until you achieve your desired length and volume
  • To achieve a false-lash look, apply a light coat of the primer on the bottom lashes and top up with mascara.
  • Apply your mascara shortly after applying the primer and coat the lash until the primer underneath doesn’t show.


  • Easy to apply
  • Enhances the mascara look
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Fragrance-free
  • Affordable


  • The soft beige color doesn’t compliment the mascara color
  • Some customers have had unsatisfactory experience

Alternatives to the Marc Jacobs primer

If you don’t find this product from the local and online stores at a given time, we find the following three primers a good alternative with similar benefits.

Final thoughts

We would recommend that you use the marc Jacobs primer for your eyelashes. The primer proves healthy and nourishing to your lashes. The benefits you receive from using this product also make it a must-have makeup item. As much as you use the various maintenance tips from our beauty products articles, you should try this eyelash primer.

Let us know of your experience in our comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is primer terrible for your eyelashes?

Consider buying alcohol-free primers for your lashes. Alcohol dries and makes eyelashes brittle and unhealthy.

How do you use the marc Jacobs velvet primer?

You apply the primer shortly before your mascara. You may choose to start with either the top or bottom lashes. Ensure you apply various coats until you achieve your desired length and volume.

How long do you leave your eyelash primer on?

It would prove helpful if you waited at least thirty seconds to allow your final primer coat to dry before applying more primer or mascara.