Myths To Debunk About CBD For Skincare – Need To Know

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We value learning about skincare products and tips. Therefore, we may not escape any skincare tip or product that comes to our attention.

For example, have you recently heard about CBD oil skincare products?

In recent years, the term CBD in skincare has become a popular term, especially in the law area that regulates the use of illegal substances. Let us break this discussion down in a more straightforward language for those learning about CBD oil for the first time. Our article will give you some insight before we go to the myths to debunk about CBD for skincare.

About CBD Oil and the beauty industry?

Myths To Debunk About CBD For Skincare - Need To Know

CBD oil that gets commonly called Cannabidiol, comes from the Hemp plant. The hemp plant comes from the same plant family as the Marijuana plant. You might now understand why people came up with several mythical stories about the product. We all recognize Marijuana as an illegal substance that gets commonly abused. So, when CBD oil was attributed to Marijuana, speculations ran high.

Having both plants in the Cannabis origin, most people often associated Hemp oil with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). TCH causes the “high” feeling people associate with cannabis. In contrast, the Hemp plant contains zero TCH but high levels of CBD oil. Marijuana, on the other hand, includes the TCH in high levels.

For this reason, the Hemp plant gets used in the production of CBD oil and not the Marijuana plant. In addition, in 2018, the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized CBD oil in the beauty industry, which may be why you might have grown fond of this skincare product.

Myths to debunk about CBD for skincare

Many people hold many false stories or beliefs about CBD oil for skincare. These theories form the lists of myths to debunk about CBD for skincare.

Since we value your skincare tips, we shall help highlight those stories you hear about CBD oil. Do you want to try, but the myths scare you away. Worry no more.

Here’s the tea served directly to you.

Myth number 1: CBD oil comes from Marijuana

People always fear Marijuana due to its TCH compound that gets to be Cannabidiol. However, CBD comes from the Hemp plant that contains no trace of the TCH compound. So, by using CBD skincare products, you will not get “high,” as some people tend to think. The Hemp plant is an entirely different plant from the Marijuana plant. Therefore, you will have nothing to worry about when considering using CBD skincare products.

Myth number 2: CBD skincare products have illegal status

Will you get on the wrong side of the law if found using Marijuana in your state? I understand your resistance to purchasing CBD skincare products. However, you do not need to worry. The hemp plant produces pure CBD oil that has no association with Marijuana.

In addition, the 2018 US Farm Bill allowed the use of the Hemp plant in producing CBD oil skincare products. Therefore, you will not be against the law to buy or purchase CBD products countywide.

Myth number 3: CBD has no skin benefits

Scientifically, this product has many benefits to the skin. Most reputable researchers have researched and proven that CBD oil has many skin benefits. So, in a genuine sense, it helps treat certain skin conditions. If you have struggled with acne, wrinkles, aging, dryness, and itching, to name but a few, you should consider trying out CBD oil.

Myth number 4: CBD doesn’t work without TCH

Most people have this misconception that CBD oil will come out ineffective without the Marijuana compound TCH. However, the common belief that the cannabidiol compounds should function effectively together may be a myth. Furthermore, this statement will be a myth because CBD oil is produced purely from the Hemp plant, containing zero TCH traces.

More research on this mythical assumption needs to be done since other Cannabidiol is preferred alongside CBD extruding the TCH. TCH’s ability to addict and cause “high” effects on people makes it unfit to combine with other phytochemicals contained in the Marijuana plant.

Myth number 5: CBD produces similar effects on the skin

Our bodies process substances induced in them differently. It only takes 0.3 percent of TCH in either a Marijuana plant or hemp plant to produce CBD oil. An experienced dermatologist in how CBD oil works will help you achieve your desired skin look.

It will be true to say, how the product worked for someone else would not be the same way it works for you. However, different CBD products will give different results depending on your skin condition and skin type.

Myth number 6: CBD shows in drug or blood tests

It would be best to be careful about where you retrieve your CBD oil-based products. Although we need the best skincare products, you don’t want to mess up your blood or drug tests. These tests mean a lot, mainly if your career or health depends on them.

High levels of TCH, which has an illegal label on it, will cause you trouble. The CBD oil product from a reputable manufacturer will contain 0% TCH compound. Get your CBD skincare products from a company that conducts third-party TCH  lab testing.

This way, your drug and blood tests will come out clear. Legit CBD oil products will not show up in your tests.

How will CBD help improve my skin?

After talking about the misconceptions and myths about CBD, it will be only fair that we bring to you some skin conditions that it helps to treat. These skin conditions include:

  • Dryness
  • Itching
  • Acne
  • Infections
  • Wrinkles and premature aging

Hemp CBD oil achieves this effect because it helps:

  • Neutralizes the skincare components
  • It does away with excess oil
  • Assists in hydrating the skin
  • It has some skin-curing properties

Final thoughts

The stigma around CBD oil comes from its close association with TCH from Marijuana. Marijuana has been immemorial. It has attracted societal taboos that may affect how you view CBD skincare products. We have tackled the myths to debunk about CBD for skincare and you should consider it from now on.

If your dermatologist thinks you need CBD for your skincare, go ahead and try it out without fear. Ensure you get your CBD products from reputable skincare providers to avoid any negativity.