Hair Protein – How To Repair Damaged Hair

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Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. A protein-rich diet can provide a healthy balance of nutrients necessary for hair production. Protein foods include meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and soy. Adding protein-rich foods to your diet has many positive health benefits, including strong bones and nails. Whether you’re trying to promote hair growth, treat dry and brittle hair, or prevent hair loss, protein-based products can be the answer.

Most protein treatments for hair involve one of three types of proteins – casein, hydrolyzed whey protein, and silica. All three work together in the scalp to stimulate hair growth by adding extra moisture to the hair shaft. Protein-based shampoos contain various forms of protein, which are typically a combination of casein, hydrolyzed whey protein and silica.

Silica is a common ingredient in hair protein treatment. It’s a natural silica mineral that works in the layers of the scalp. It provides support for elasticity, creating a body to support your strands. Silica also helps strengthen the hair shaft, helping it withstand the stress and wear that everyday hair takes on. Protein keratin styling products are formulated with silica to improve shine, body.


Keratin is the protein compound that makes up the “bio” part of the word. This bioactive protein molecule gives hair its ability to become elastic. Using keratin will help prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle, which can weaken the strands and cause breakage. Keratin-based styling products are often the best choice when trying to keep the tresses from becoming dull, frizzy and limp.

Heat styling and air-dry treatments are not effective protein treatments for hair. They can actually damage the hair. The chemicals added to heat-styling products are paraffin, which penetrates the strands and changes the pH of the hair. This can be harmful for people with sensitive hair or those suffering from allergies. Also, if the strands are exposed to heat styling agents, there is a possibility of burning and cracking.

A professional-protein treatment for hair is best when it’s done by a trained esthetician. He or she will consider the type of hair, texture, and age before recommending a protein treatment product. He or she will also work closely with you to design a treatment plan specifically for your hair. Your esthetician should also recommend the best protein treatment for your hair type and condition.


Protein shampoos used for protein treatments for hair are soft and gentle. They contain no harmful chemicals, bleaches, or fragrances. You can use any brand of shampoo on your hair. If you prefer herbal hair care products, including Aloe Vera or green tea, then that would be fine too. But be sure to avoid the overuse of these products, which can be damaging. Always use the best protein treatment for hair when it’s applied according to the package directions.

A professional hair treatment plan is the best way to ensure your hair is healthy and shiny. If your hair gets regular treatments, it will be less likely to become damaged by frequent heat styling, chemicals, etc. Regular visits to a professional stylist can even help prevent hair loss caused by the harsh elements of the weather. Heat styling can also damage the health of your hair, so it is best to avoid it whenever possible.

EVOLVh Healthy Hair Trio

EVOLVh Healthy Hair Trio

There are some other benefits of Protein Treatments for Hair that you should be aware of. First of all, if you choose to use this type of product, you will keep your hair looking great without expensive (and sometimes harsh) hair products. If you use natural products to style your hair, you may notice that they leave your hair feeling great, but the chemicals in many of them can make your hair dry and damaged. Using protein can keep your hair looking great without adding additional damage.

SmartColor Color Protecting Shampoo

SmartColor Color Protecting Shampoo

Another benefit of Protein Treatments for Hair is the way it helps maintain your hair’s healthy growth. During each of your hair strands’ resting phases, the follicles on the ends of the strands actually shrink. If the resting period on your hair strands is reduced, it means more fragile hair strands are subject to breakage more easily. This can lead to hair loss sooner rather than later. A protein treatment can actually increase the amount of resting time on your strands so that they remain healthy and strong. This will prevent your hair from breaking as often, and prevent hair loss in the future.

Protein Treatments for Hair are a great option for those who want to strengthen their hair and prevent hair loss or weakening of the hair. It is a great way to strengthen weak and damaged hair strands. Using natural products to style your hair and maintain its strength is a great idea. If you choose to use protein treatments for hair, you can also see an improvement in your hair’s appearance. If you need to strengthen and restore your hair, consider one of these treatments!

UltraShine Moisture Shampoo

UltraShine Moisture Shampoo

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