Reasons You’re Still Breaking Out in Your Pimples

girl screaming after a skin breakout

You may be starting to break out in your twenties or just your thirties. Regardless of when you are starting to break out, finding the reasons for why you are having breakouts is the only way to treat and prevent them from happening. The first thing to look at is what is causing your skin breakouts. Do you have dry skin? Then there is a good chance that you could be breakout prone.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can make it easier for acne to break out because there is more dead skin on the face. Dry skin also makes it harder for the oil to stay on the skin surface. This means that oil and dirt can mix and cause pimples. Also oily skin is more likely to clog pores. This will cause acne to breakout.

Oily Complexion

Having an oily complexion also contributes to pimples because of the oil on the skin surface. People with oily complexions will also have problems because they tend to have pimples breakout near their mouth or nose. Also people with dry skin are more likely to have breakouts. Because the skin lacks oil and other natural moisturizers, it will be dried out, which will cause it to become more susceptible to bacteria and other causes of skin breakouts.


Stop taking adult acne medication! If you continue to use the acne medication after your twenty-first birthday, then you are causing your skin to become even drier. This will cause your skin to be even drier and more prone to acne breakouts. Just stop taking the acne medication or any topical medications and start using a natural moisturizer.

Drink More water!

Water is an amazing natural moisturizer. You should drink at least eight glasses of water each day to keep your skin hydrated. Not only that, water has many other benefits for your body such as cleansing out toxins and helping your body fight off infections. So, why not drink more water?

Skincare Products

Forget about using products that contain oily skin care ingredients. Some of the most popular brands of lotion contain oils which actually clog up your pores. This can cause blackheads and even acne. The more oily skin care ingredients they contain, the worse they will work for your body. Instead, use a non-oily skin cream.

Do not over treat your body!

The reason your skin breaks out is because you put too much stress on it. Overusing exfoliates or even harsh soaps can lead to more breakouts. In fact, many people find that after using harsh soaps and cleansers for several weeks that breakouts return. So, avoid overusing these products and see if your breakouts decrease.

If you follow all of these guidelines, you should notice that your skin won’t breakout any more. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you’re still breaking out, even though you’ve done everything you can to prevent it. If none of these solutions works, your best bet is to visit a dermatologist who can determine the root cause of your skin breakouts and give you the treatment that will make your breakouts disappear once and for all.

In order to make sure that you’re getting the best skin care treatment, it’s important to understand what makes your skin healthy and unhealthy. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and like other organs, needs to be cared for properly in order for it to be healthy. Unfortunately, many of the skin care products on the market don’t provide you with the ingredients you need in order to properly nourish your skin. Unfortunately, many people are only concerned with the marketing of the products and forget about the ingredients. By understanding how your skin benefits from the ingredients in skin care products, you’ll be able to find a product that provides the best possible skin care for your skin type.

Some of the most common reasons people break out include:

  • Excess stress,
  • An oily complexion,
  • Excess dead skin, and
  • excess sebum.

Your skin gets its nutrients from the food we eat, but it also requires extra help from the body to help with the absorption of these nutrients. For example, if someone has oily skin, they usually have to eat more food in order to properly absorb the vitamins and nutrients from it. The sebum production in the skin is another huge cause for skin breakouts, and certain skin care products often stimulate the sebum production even further, causing further skin problems.

There are some skin care products that are designed to help people who break out, and they should be used for this purpose. However, if you’re looking for something that will actually improve your skin and reduce the acne breakouts you experience, you need to focus on the ingredients found in the products you are looking at. When you do this, you’ll be able to quickly find the skin care products that work for you, and you’ll no longer have to continue to break out. Skin care products that work the best are usually the ones that contain anti-oxidants, which are known as powerful antioxidants that can remove free radicals that have been produced by the body.

When you look for something that works effectively to clear up skin breakouts, make sure that the product contains the ingredients mentioned above. This way, you can easily reduce the number of skin breakouts you receive. In addition to reducing the amount of skin breakouts you experience, these ingredients can also help to eliminate any other health conditions that may be present in your body. For example, if you’re looking for a skin-care product to reduce the signs of age on your face, look for one that contains antioxidants. These help to prevent the development of premature wrinkles by getting rid of harmful free radicals in your body. They are also known to prevent the development of any skin condition, including acne.

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