Revitalize Your Skin with 5 Expert Skincare Tips

girl applying makeup cleaner on her face

Some of the most common skin problems amongst people include hormonal breakouts, fine lines, acne marks, and excessive oil. While it’s nearly impossible to have glass skin every day, you can try to make it look good and healthy by using expert recommended skincare products for glowing skin.

However, if your skin isn’t used to chemicals or acids, here are some best skin care tips for every skin type.

Keep a Simple Skin Care Regime

If you don’t have the time or money for a high-end and complex skincare regime, start with the basics like cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, water, balanced diet.

It’s not necessary to have a 20 or 30 step skincare routine to achieve that glass skin, instead of using a lot of products that can further cause skin issues.

Apply Toner

You must add toner in your skincare regime if you want to make sure that your pores aren’t clogged with dirt and other particles. Besides that, a toner also balances out your complexion.

It helps restore nutrients inside your skin that harsh cleaners or exfoliators may remove.

A woman applying a serum for skincare purposes
A woman applying a serum for skincare purposes

Use Vitamin C

Once you’re done with cleaning or toning your face, use a vitamin C moisturizer or serum to add that extra oomph to your skin.

A study in 2013 found out that vitamin C is the most effective and powerful ingredient used in skincare products for glowing skin. It also prevents your skin from sun damage.

However, it’s best to add vitamin C to your morning skincare routine.


Just like vitamin C is recommended to be used in the morning, retinol is suggested to be used only at night. Retinol and vitamin C works great together and are the perfect combo for healthy glowing skin.

Retinol is preferred by most people due to its anti-aging properties, besides that, it helps prevent acne.


Exfoliation helps remove dead skin and leaves behind soft and plump skin. However, over-exfoliation may cause severe reactions on your skin resulting in breakouts and excessive oil production. Hence, it’s suggested to only exfoliate skin once per week.

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