Shin tattoos are cute but also can be painful. Tattoos are described as a change made on the body by adding ink, dyes, and or pigments that are permanent or temporary in the dermis layer of the skin to create a design. They may get categorized as either being decorative, symbolic, or pictorial. Tattoos might therefore get done on any part of the body, but we will focus mainly on those done on the shin.

What are Tattoos?

The shin refers to the part of the leg between the knee and the ankle. You might wonder who would think of inking the shin, but needless to say, when it’s done correctly then, this kind of tattoo can look very beautiful, and one cannot help but appreciate the effort put into creating these designs.

It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but when you take a look at these unique designs, you can’t help but want to embark on this adventure yourself.

Do Shin Tattoos Hurt?

Pain is relative to individuals, but one thing that all people who get tattoos can agree with each other is that getting a tattoo is painful. How painful it varies between the skill of the artist and the area on the body where one is tattooing. Because the skin on the shin proves relatively thin, it’s correct to say that this particular procedure will be pretty uncomfortable.

Apart from the thinness of the skin, there exists the proximity to the bone. And the extreme sensitivity of the nerves in this part of the body makes it more painful. Another reason why the pain feels more might be because the design on the shin has to be large, meaning more time will be taken before completion and thus more time exposed to the needle and so more pain.

How Can You Make Shin Tattoos Hurt Less?

To make shin tattoos hurt less, you should play around with the concept more than to stop the pain. However, while equipped with the knowledge of why they hurt, we may apply some techniques that can help reduce the pain.

These include:

  • Getting an artist that proves conversant with doing these specific tattoos
  • Choosing a much smaller design
  • Do the tattoo in phases if you would like it big. For example, over some time, the time taken to finish the design gets minimal each time.
  • Alternatively, you may use either a numbing cream or spray before going into the parlor to help reduce the pain significantly.

1. Let’s Go Wild Theme


2. Flower Delight


3. Skeleton Heart

4. Extremely Badass


5. The Indian Delight


6. Butterflies Dual


7. Pierce Through


8. Flowery Shin Tattoos


9. Purr Away Tattoo


10. Print Away Tattoo


11. Geometric Mandala Tattoo


12. Trendy Tattoo


13. Floral Combination


14. Mandala Tattoo


15. Floral Star Tattoo


16. Roses Define Us


17. Camp Delight


18. Fire Mama


19. Roman Times


20. Animal Skull Tattoo


21. Pretty Beast Tattoo


22. Double Trouble Tattoo


23. Butterfly and Dagger


24. Guess What You See


25. Frog Cowboys Tattoo

26. Karma King


27. Virtuous Queen


28. Flower Eye Tattoo


29. Three Headed Doberman


30. Nature Tattoo

@ snake_town_tattoo

31. The Multi Look


32. Steelblue Ladybug


33. Fighting knights


34. Word Tattoo


35. Galaxy Galore                                    


36. Lady Next Door


37. Lion Tattoo                              


38. Unique Cocktails Lady


39. Beach Babe Tattoo


40. Say a Prayer


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare yourself before getting a shin tattoo?

You should Drink a lot of water and Shave the area. Moisturizing the skin also proves helpful.  Also, eat well and rest well before the appointed time

What is the most painful part to get a tattoo?

The most painful parts of the body to get a tattoo happen to be those that don’t get cushioned by fat for example those close to the bones, under the armpits, ribcage, stomach, shin, lips, neck, and spine. Of all these places, under the armpits will be the most painful and for that reason, tattoo artists often advise against tattooing here.

What does tattoo pain feel like?

It feels like a tingling prickling sensation. Some people talk of varied sensations, but all agree that it is an uncomfortable and painful experience. As the session continues, you start to feel a painful vibration.

Can you shower after getting a tattoo?

Yes you may have a shower but the advice will be not to have baths or go swimming for at least two to three weeks or until you are fully healed