The Ultimate Guide To Smashbox Primer Photo Finish

Smashbox Primer Photo Finish

When applying makeup, you will need your face to be the smoothest. Pores and some wrinkles include some blemishes that will make your makeup appear uneven. You therefore need a primer to make these blemishes go away before applying your makeup. Smashbox primer photo finish will do the job perfectly.

This primer works best with your skin to guarantee you a unique smooth appearance that will give your makeup the foundation it deserves. With Smashbox primer photo finish, you will achieve the smooth appearance you have always envisioned with your makeup.

What is a primer? What exactly does it do?

A makeup primer refers to a preparatory skincare product that you apply after your skincare products and before your makeup, concealer, or makeup foundation. Don’t just cleanse tone, moisturize your face, and immediately apply your makeup if you want to apply makeup. If you do it this way, it will not hold, and your makeup may not last long.

You will need to identify the best primer that suits your skin type to invest in it. We will discuss some tips for primers that will give you great insight, especially if you love getting an excellent makeup finish.

What is Silicone primer?

Silicone primers refer to primers that come formulated with silicone. Another option will be the water-based primers. Silicone primers guarantee a smooth canvas where the makeup lies. Silicone primers last longer and lengthen the period your makeup will stay on your face.

Primer benefits include:

  • They provide a smooth base for makeup application.
  • They hide any blemishes to give your face a soft touch.
  • Primers act as a gluing product for your makeup, increasing the makeup duration
  • They form a barrier between your makeup and your face.
  • Fill in pores and fine lines for a smoother touch.
  • Creates a barrier against moisture loss

What is Smashbox primer photo finish?

Smashbox primer photo finish functions as a blurring substance to all your facial imperfections before applying makeup. In other terms, we may call it a foundation to your makeup. It would help if you used a primer before applying your makeup to achieve that smoothness that makes makeup flawless. Smashbox primer photo finish is a collection of the perfect skincare products for precisely that.

The silky texture of the Original Smashbox photo finish type provides the perfect base coat for any makeup. Not only will it hold your makeup together, but it also comes with numerous skincare benefits to your skin. It will also even out your skin uniquely, giving you a fantastic ground for your makeup.

What type of skin type will benefit most from Smashbox primer?

We all now know that every skincare product has a specifically designed skin type for outstanding results. That will not change for the Smashbox primer photo finish. Let’s look at the preferred skin types for this product.

Oily skin

An oily skin type produces excess sebum and oils. For this reason, it will appear to shine and be oily all day and night. As much as you develop a skincare routine, you will need to rest assured that your makeup stays intact exactly the way you applied it.

Most primers may not consider this, but believe me when I tell you, Smashbox primer photo finish does. This product will prepare the skin for the foundation while absorbing any excess oils that your skin may produce. Do you know what that means? It means your makeup doesn’t have to be interfered with, and it may glow all day long.

Smashbox also fills the pores on your skin and fine lines to give you a smooth base for makeup application. This filling up of pores also ensures that excess oils are limited to the skin’s surface, again boosting your makeup appearance. If anything, consider the Smashbox primer for your ultimate skincare product if you love makeup with oily skin.

Combination Skin

A combination skin type comes with two skin types incorporated together. Most people find doing makeup challenging for people with this type of skin. After you have cleansed, toned, and moisturized with combination-friendly skincare products, you don’t want to mess it up. To tell the truth, if you use the wrong type of primer, you may mess your skin even more.

As the cheeks remain dry, your T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin, will still have an excess of oil production. The Smashbox primer photo finish will help absorb the excess oil from your T-zone to give you a uniform dry look that favors your makeup. You should consider having this item with you if you possess the combination skin type.

Smashbox photo finish primer review (Original)

Will you love a review of this fantastic product? This review will help you understand the product better and why you should invest in it.

So, the original Smashbox photo finish was developed by the Smashbox brand for your skin’s makeup needs. It comes in a velvet and smooth gel that hydrates and moisturizes your facial skin while keeping excess oil away. This skincare product comes with the most skin-friendly ingredients, including:

  • Dimethicone
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Dimethicone Crosspolymer
  • Silica
  • Trisiloxane

All these essential ingredients, among others, work together to hold your makeup and provide a barrier to your delicate skin. All these ingredients work together to provide you with a smooth and flawless surface for your makeup application. It minimizes the pores’ size and controls the shiny appearance of the skin, especially for oily and combination skin. Overall, it will help hydrate, smoothen and moisturize your skin.

Since oily and combination skins seem the most delicate skin type, this product is ideal for dry and normal skin types. It ensures hydration and moisturizing. It will benefit these skin types, since they don’t produce excess oil that the primer needs to absorb. For the dry and normal skin type, this item will serve as a base for foundation and makeup appliances.

If you feel your complexion has issues, using this product will sort all those issues, leaving you looking as brighter as you have always wanted.

Benefits of using Smashbox primer photo finish

  • It absorbs excess skin oil – you will not worry about damaging your makeup, all making it all shiny. Smashbox primer absorbs all extra oil produced by your skin.
  • Brightens your face – Sometimes, our faces may darken and lose the glow of vibrant skin. This product brightens up your skin, giving you back the complexion of well hydrated and moisturized skin.
  • It serves as an anti-aging skincare product – If you did your makeup and found that all your pores, fine lines, and wrinkles were still visible, will you be satisfied? I bet not. This primer finish brings you a youthful complexion by covering up all those blemishes and letting your makeup come out ideally.
  • It suits all skin types – this skincare product works perfectly for normal and dry skin by hydrating and moisturizing it. This finish also proves ideal for oily and combination skin types. It absorbs all excess oil and gives your makeup a long-lasting appearance.
  • It blends perfectly to your makeup of choice – Primers need to perfectly hold the makeup and provide a robust base surface for makeup application. Smashbox primer photo finish guarantees all users excellent makeup holding ability, as it gives a smooth surface.
  • Creates a barrier against moisture loss – we all need our skin to be moisturized and moisture-balanced. Smashbox primer photo finish guarantees your skin moisture gets trapped in for a unique glowing skin.

Smashbox primer photo finish comes in the following four types, all with specific benefits to the skin.

The original primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer for Women



Oil & Shine Control Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil & Shine Control Primer



Anti-aging primer



The hydrating primer

SmashBox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer


  • It blends perfectly with your skin
  • Provides a perfect surface for makeup application
  • It improves the quality of the skin
  • This product proves friendly and applicable to all skin types
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free


  • Shipping cost makes the overall cost expensive

How to Apply Smashbox Primer Photo finish

You will need to have cleansed, toned, and moisturized your face for the basic skincare routine procedure before applying the Smashbox foundation primer. So, to effectively use Smashbox prime photo finish, follow through with the following process.

  • After you have moisturized skin, smooth a layer of the Smashbox primer over your skin.
  • Let it set in your skin for up to 15 seconds.
  • Apply makeup as desired or leave it alone according to your preference.
  • You may as well apply on makeup for touch-up reasons.

If you follow this procedure every time you want to apply this product, you will always get excellent results with a beautiful, long-lasting makeup look. This flawless base will let your makeup last all day, and people will think you just got your makeup done. This Smashbox primer foundation goes before all makeup to give a holding ground for your makeup. It will hold it all together while gently protecting your skin.

As a foundation, this product guarantees that:

Smashbox Primer Review for Acne-Prone Skin Types

Do you have acne-prone skin? Are you wondering which skincare product will be the perfect primer and base coat for your makeup? Worry no more. But first, you need to understand what causes acne on your skin.

People with oily skin or combination skin prove more prone to acne than others skin types. Acne occurs when the excess sebum and dead skin cells clog the hair follicles or pores of the skin. If you get any bacteria on the skin surface, it may trigger more severe acne when it comes to contact with these components.

Smashbox photo finish light primer helps absorb excess fat, and gives no breeding ground for bacterial infections and acne. If you use this primer during your skincare routine, you will not worry about acne and rashes on your skin due to excess sebum.

The best makeup for acne-prone skin types needs to consider the sebum-absorption rates for the preferred skincare products. Smashbox products, including moisturizers, hydration, skincare products, and primers, have been considered in their ingredients. These makeup for acne-prone skin types increase the skin’s hydration, offer a barrier that prevents moisture loss, and absorb excess sebum produced by the skin. By so doing, acne gets kept away.

Those acne-prone skin types prove challenging to find makeup for. Consider using Smashbox primer photo finish for a different experience. If you didn’t know, this primer may be standalone without makeup and still give you that fantastic beautiful complexion.

Benefits of using Smashbox primer photo finish for acne-prone skin types      

  • Smashbox primer photo finish does not lead to clogging pores with excess sebum. This primer helps absorb the excess sebum, so you will never have sebum-clogged pores on your skin. This way, you don’t stand a chance to develop acne or, worse still, bacterial infections on the already biting acne condition.
  • It has a lightweight texture. The gel and silky texture prove lightweight on the skin. Acne-prone skin types don’t require heavyweight skincare products. Heavyweight products contribute to pores and hair follicles clogging, which form a breeding ground for acne.

If dead cells are trapped in these heavyweight skincare products, then a bacterial infection may result. Who wants that? No one, especially those with acne-prone skin types. So, this lightweight property helps prevent acne breakouts.

  • It helps control oil production. Once this primer absorbs any excess sebum from the skin, it will eventually slow down its sebum production once we apply the Smashbox primer routinely. Forming a routine helps the skin tune to a particular way of functioning to our benefit. By using this Smashbox primer photo finish, you will get your skin’s oil production in control.
  • Smashbox primer photo finish will help you achieve a matte finish. If you want to apply makeup, starting by providing a base coat with a Smashbox primer photo finish will guarantee you that excellent finish. Your makeup will come out smooth and blemish-free, just like you desired. Also, the primer will give you that desired matte finishing if you don’t want to apply makeup. You only need a Smashbox primer photo finish to achieve your glamorous look.

Why do I need a Base Coat if I have an Oil-free Foundation?

Could you use an oil-free foundation for your makeup? If you didn’t know, oil-free foundations often get absorbed into the skin if you don’t have any base coat. This Smashbox primer photo finish works as the perfect base coat if you intend to use an oil-free foundation. It will provide the ideal protective barrier to prevent the oil-free foundation from being absorbed.

Oil-free foundation vs. silicone-based foundation

Oil-free foundations absorb the skin compared to silicone-based foundations. Silicone-based foundations will be great for oily or combination skin types that prove delicate. Since they don’t get absorbed in the skin, they form a protective barrier that doesn’t allow them to get absorbed into the skin. This way, you won’t develop acne or develop a reaction from them. Since Smashbox primer functions as a silicone-based primer, it will be great for your skin type. Consider applying it first before applying the oil-free foundation to prevent absorption.

Silicone base coat vs. silicone-free foundation

A silicone-free foundation, like the Smashbox primer photo finish, doesn’t have silicone as an ingredient and will form a protective layer on your skin. It is recommended for all skin types. On the contrary, silicone base coats will react to sensitive skin types and are not recommended for all skin types. So if you have delicate and sensitive skin, they may cause clogging in your pores and lead to acne.

Silicone-free foundation tends to be oil-based or water-based. Water-based will favor dry skin, as they boost hydration. Oil-based, on the other hand, doesn’t get absorbed by the skin. So, consider using the silicone-free base coat over the silicone base coat if your skin proves sensitive.

Generally, you should remember to use a base coat, preferably the Smashbox primer photo finish, if using an oil-free foundation. It will prevent absorption and let the foundation stick to allow for makeup.

Final Thoughts

Smashbox photo finish primer comes in different forms. A water-based, oil-based, or silicone-based primer.

Depending on your skin type and skin needs, you should choose the perfect option for you. Smashbox brand has ensured that everyone has something to give us that blemish-free skin appearance before we apply our makeup. The original Smashbox photo finish primer is silicone-based, which can benefit all skin types.

Do you want to apply your makeup and have it spectacularly done? The Smashbox photo finish primer offers impressive solutions for your skin type. You don’t need to apply makeup without a firm surface to hold it longer. Considering your skin type and how sensitive it may be, you will get the perfect type of Smashbox photo finish primer today. Invest in your recommended product type and let your makeup glow in style while nourishing and protecting your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smashbox photo finish primer silicone-free?

Yes, the Smashbox photo finish light primer comes oil-free and silicone-free. It doesn’t irritate the skin and is ideal for all skin types, including acne-prone skin types. This primer also has no paraben as well, and has vegan ingredients, hence cruelty-free.

If you enjoy using natural skincare products, Smashbox photo finish primer will be your best choice. However, others like the Original Smashbox photo finish primer will be silicone-based. It all depends on your skin type and the nature of sensitivity.

Is Smashbox photo finish primer good for oily skin?

I find this product ideal and recommended for oily skin. The ingredients incorporated in this skincare product prove helpful for caring for oily, sensitive skin. These ingredients don’t cause irritations or harsh effects on the skin.

Smashbox photo finish primer also absorbs the excess oil found in oily skin. This way, it keeps away the shine on the skin and prevents acne associated with the pilling of excess sebum on the skin.

Is Smashbox photo finish primer water-based?

Yes, we may call the Smashbox photo finish primer water-based if talking of the light foundation type. Apart from water as part of the ingredients, this product doesn’t contain paraben, oil, or silicone. It also comes fragrance-free and proves helpful for people with sensitive and acne-prone skin types. You may use it on all skin types, but more beneficial to oily and combination skin types.

We also have the original photo finish primer, which will be silicone-based, and the moisturizer, which will be oil-based. Consider purchasing the one that suits your skin needs.

Is Smashbox photo finish primer silicone based?

Different types of Smashbox photo finish primers contain varying ingredients. The original photo finish primer has silicone and will be silicone-based, while the Smashbox photo finishes light foundation primer will be water-based. So depending on the type, you may get water, oil, or silicone-based Smashbox photo finish primers.

Does Smashbox photo finish primer have silicone?   

Yes, some types of Smashbox photo finish primer may contain silicone. For instance, the Original Smashbox photo finish primer contains silicone and provides the best coating experience for all skin types. Silicone helps the primer achieve its velvety gel nature to form the perfect coat for makeup application.

Some other water-based or oil-based Smashbox primers will not have silicone in them. But the Smashbox brand focuses on providing you with the perfect skincare products for your skin type.

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