40 Ways To Rock Split Dyed Hair in 2022

Split Dyed Hair

How has split dyed hair served you in 2022? Have you or have you not tried it yet? Then, you deserve to try new hairstyles, and this one takes the lead. Split-dyed hair involves dividing your hair into two parts and dyeing each part a different color. As a result, the hairstyle has proven fashionable in 2022.

The trendiness of this hairstyle has kept it a loved one for decades. You will always look beautiful if you choose to do a split-dyed hairstyle. If you wonder which color to choose for your hair, split dying might be your best option. It works on short and long hair without struggle.

Everybody loved how Cruella de Vil rocked it, and our Instagram feeds have gone crazy with this design. So, do you wish to try it? Worry no more. We bring you the best ways to rock it and look spectacularly beautiful.

What is Split Dyed Hair?

Split dyed hair describes a hairstyle with your head dyed in two different colors.

How to do Split Dyed Hair Step-by-Step

  • Divide your hair into two even halves
  • Prepare your different hair dyes
  • Put on a pair of gloves
  • Start with one half and dye your desired hair color from the roots upward
  • As the first part gets darker on the dye, start on the other half
  • Dye it from the roots upwards too
  • Leave the two separated halves for up to 30 minutes
  • Wash the different halves to remove the dye
  • Wash the hair uniformly to achieve a clean look
  • Rock your split-dyed hair now with confidence

1. Unique brown/blond look

Unique brown/blond look

With this design, you will love the blonde and brown look on your hair. It gives a unique look and works best for an office hair look. In addition, Keratin color dye will provide you with amazing honey blonde color to complement a natural look.

2. Brown and blonde special

blond and brown slit dyed hair

If you have brown or blonde hair color, dying one side, either blonde or brown, will give you this great split-dyed hair. If you have black hair, dyeing the two colors results in a similar look.

3. Sunset look

sunset split hair dye

If you love sunsets, visit your favorite spot with this hair look. The sun’s setting rays will look so beautiful on your red dyed hair. We love this look because it adds a unique touch to the hair design.

4. Bright and colorful hair design

purple and red split dyed hair

Does pink and red excite you? If so, then you got the right idea. So go ahead and give your hair that amazing makeover you have wanted for so long. You will look flashy and romantic within a blink of an eye.

5. Stylish red hue

burgundy and black split dyed hair

You deserve some stares if you dye your hair black and red in this unique design. Design the hair so that the red-dyed hair takes the side of your head in a stylish appearance.

6. A mix of brown and blonde dye

brown and blonde split dye hair

You may choose to split your hair from front to back. The front part takes a mix of blonde and brown with a slight reddish hue while you give the back a uniform dark color. This design brings out youthfulness in you.

7. Bold Split

grey and red split hair dye

Multi-dyed hair gives you the glow that everybody won’t resist. For this design, your hair dye splits from top to bottom. You need to dye the lower part with your desired dye, then follow the top with a different color.

8. Blonde/Brown split-dyed hair design

brown and blonde split dye hair

If you need to give your hair a unique touch, dyeing it brown or blonde does it all. Adding some curls makes the hair more stylish.

9. Black and white galore

black and white split dye hair

For centuries, black and white have gained favor and popularity in many aspects. If you need a unique split dye hair look in 2022, don’t shy from trying the black and white hair dye. It adds uniqueness to your everyday look.

10. Orange and Pink split-dyed hair

orange and pink split hair dye

Colorful looks require colorful themes. If you enjoy commanding looks, try out this orange/green hair design. It makes the hair look vibrant and inspirational to try out adventurous activities.

11. Purple and the pinkies

purple and pink split hair dye

You don’t have to wear your long hair without colors. Most Instagram lovers have found a way to mix colors to make it more interesting. A little purple and pink done in a split dye design will marvel you.

12. Mix and match design

black and red split hair dye

If you find color mixing and matching innovative, it won’t hurt to try it in your hair. This mix and match split-dyed hair look brings a new design into this fashionable look. As the wavy hair flows with attractive colors, you will be every person’s interesting look.

13. Blonde-brown split hair

Blonde-brown split hair

How is your short hair coming? Do you need some tips to keep it as interesting as possible? Then, go ahead and dye it brown with a broad blonde look. It will give you the perfect blonde, brown, split-dyed hairstyle. 

14. Splendid green and pink looks

green and pink split hair dye

I find short hair easy to style. With these green and pink splits, you will find it even more appealing. The colors blend to give you the most amazing blush of beauty.

15. Red and blue Split

red and blue split hair dye
@Red and blue curls

Split-dyed hair looks breathtaking when endorsed with amazing curls. Adore gives the best results since it introduces ocean blue color into your hair. If you add red, your split-dyed hair gets the glow and radiance to boost your confidence.

16. Perfect grey and blue

Perfect grey and blue split hair dye

You will love this design because it creates a perfect colorful split hair. In addition, the broad curves give it a romantic feel for a romantic dinner date.

17. Pink and Blue Split

Pink and Blue Split hair dye

If you need a unique hairstyle, do split hair dyeing and cut it into long and short designs. I love this design because it adds some professionalism to the hairstyle. In addition, most movie stars find it mesmerizing.

18. Split-dyed bob hairstyle

brown and blonde bob split hair dye

Bob hairstyle has survived over numerous decades. But, if you need to add some fanciness to this old-school look, try a split-dyed look. It will give you an edgy look to face any situation confidently.

19. Rainbow Split Dye

Rainbow Split Dye

Do you find your hair voluptuous and sexy? Guess what? Adding some curls and the split dye may turn out sexy. If you need to find a hairstyle to turn on your man, this hairstyle will precisely do the job.

20. The calm and sexy look    

pink and grey split dye hair

This split hair design with colored ends turns out very sexy. This design gives a perfect look for attending romantic dinner dates. It brings out the youthful look in you.

 21. Light grey and pink shades

pink and grey split hair dye

While most people go for hot pink, light pink may do fine. It merges with grey excellently to give a fantastic after look.

22. Copper never disappoints

copper and platinum split hair dye

Gold gives the blonde color some marks. If you choose to go with blonde and black, it is a golden hairstyle.

23. Deep red and blue

Deep red and blue split-dyed hair

Perfect curls get seen with a nicely dyed split hair design. If you rock this hairstyle during an event, nobody gets to forget how beautiful you look.

24. Blonde and brown shades

brown shades split dye hair

Have you trimmed your hair recently and looking for a new hairstyle? These brown and blonde shades will give it the beauty it needs. We love the design because it makes straight hair fancier.

25. Different shades of brown

brown split dye hair

Did you know that different shades of a single color may give you the best split-dyed hairstyle? For example, look at this design presenting two shades of brown on each side of the head. If you need to recreate it, try to make one side appear lighter than the darker shade.

26. Purple and green look

green and purple split dye hair

Bright colors signify beauty. Trying exemplary hairstyles will get you there if you want to look beautiful in 2022. This green and purple dye will make you stand out wherever you go.

27. Uniform split dyed hair look

grey split dye hair

Did you know you may also do split-dyed hairstyles with similar dyes? Your left split hair will look exactly like the right split hair. This similarity is because you only need to dye similar colors and designs on both sides. Therefore, you end up with a unique hairstyle.

28. Black And Pink Look

black and pink split dye hair

Do you need to add some gangster points to your tattooing interest? This look complements your outlook beautifully.

29. Stylish pink/black design

Stylish pink/black design

The pink color looks spectacular on black hair. To recreate this look, let a few hairs fall free and dye them pink

30. Red and black split-dyed hair

Red and black split-dyed hair

When done right, a deep red dye turns out brilliant. Therefore, it will give the best split-dyed hair on the beach, party, or on tour. If you need a sexy look, try out this unique hair dye.

31. Curly and colored

black, red, and green split hair dye

If you love curly hair, then this gives you the chance to shine. The green and purple dye give the hair a natural shine making you look beautiful. Hot tools pro signature curling iron will help you put the perfect curls on your hair.

32. Royal green look

black and green split hair dye

The split-dye hairstyle looks best when done professionally. The grey hair with a green touch looks brilliant and will make you beautiful for any event. Most Instagram trends won’t leave this look, so you have the chance to try it out.

33. Yellow and pink

yellow and pink split hair dye

If you wish to get a colorful split hair design, pink and yellow colors will do you that favor. This hair look sits well for summer and any fun events. So if you wish to go out to that beach party, give your hair this unique design.

34. Blue and black

black and blue split hair dye

Blue and black prove to be amazing for most occasions. This design brings an amazing natural look to your head. It blends in, giving you the awesomeness you have wanted.

35. Split Bun

black and orange split hair

This dyeing design brings out the uniqueness in your hair. You will love it because it brings together three colors professionally. It grants you the confidence to face any situation.

36. Grey and maroon design

grey and maroon split hair dye

If your skin is light, this design will add beauty to your looks. In addition, it makes your hair blonde and maroon colored giving you more attention. You will be worth a glance if you wear your hair this way, coupled with beautiful makeup.

37. The bossy look

black and grey hair split dye

Do you want to appear bossy, expensive, and classy? Most people find this split-dyed hairstyle precisely that. However, if you have a place you need commanding respect, don’t shy off from trying this lookout.

38. Beautiful pink and purple

pink and purple split hair dye

Being young proves to be a beautiful thing. This dyed hair color makes this split hair design perfect. You will appear more youthful and beautiful with this pink and purple split-dyed hairstyle.

39. Brown And Purple splitting

brown and purple hair split dye

If you need the best outlook, this one will do. It makes split-dyed hairstyles more appealing and likable. Show off your confidence by recreating this amazing hairstyle.

40. pink and green

pink and green split hair dye

If you need your front hair uniquely done, this is your chance. Green and pink dye will give you the most amazing look. To recreate this look, split your hair into front and back portions. Further, split and dye the front part to give you the perfect split dye hairstyle.

How to Choose Your Color

Choosing your hair color makes an exciting idea. It might get tricky but still very interesting. Most customers find Ombre colors ideal for split-dyed hair starters.

It would help if you also visited professionals to help you achieve this look. Some of our recommended grouped colors include:

  • Pastels- these include gentle colors like baby blue and baby pink. They give a good dyeing start point.
  • Complementing colors. We may call them opposites because they include bright colors. Here, you may choose blue and green or red and green.
  • The Blonde/black look proves very enticing. This color comes with its beauty and magic.
  • Natural/colored. Your hair comes with its natural color. By dyeing one side, you get your split-dyed hair look quickly.

Split dyed hair aftercare           

Dyeing your hair might be one thing, but the aftercare may be different. So we give you the following aftercare tips.

  • Ensure you use sulfate-free hair products to wash and shampoo
  • Cold water proves ideal for after-wash needs
  • We recommend you use live-in treatment for your hair. Live-in hair products keep the color locked in.
  • If you need to use heat tools like a curling iron or blow dryer, we recommend using a heat-protecting spray.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is split-dyed hair called?

You may call it half and half dyed hair. This hairstyle has become commonly known as split dyed hair design.

Is split-dyed hair a trend?

Everybody knows that split-dyed hair has become a trend since 2021. However, even in 2022, this design has not yet lost its trending nature.

What is peekaboo hair color?

Peekaboo hair color refers to different colors applied at the bottom of your split-dyed hair. It gives a beautiful touch to your hairstyle, making it more attractive.