30 Best Stunning Olivia Wilde Hair Designs To Recreate

olivia wilde with a red sunglasses and a hat

Olivia Wilde Hair can make someone look effortlessly beautiful within a crowd also. Maybe just binding it in a bun or letting it flow flawlessly with the breezy hair, it looks attractive in every sense. However, new designs are taking attention in the market, and people follow them randomly. Here are steps in the designs of Olivia Wilde’s hair. 

Every time she walked into our sight, she looked beautiful and stylish due to her new and accomplished hair designs. No matter which hairstyle she tries for, she seems to be pulling off every different hairstyle successfully. Hence, with this article, we bring you every possible best 30 styles of Olivia Wilde hair that may suit your different moods and be used for different occasions. 

1. Olivia Wilde’s Textured Straight Haircut

Olivia Wilde's Textured Straight Haircut

This Olivia Wilde hairstyle looks cool and fashionable with a straight and straightforward haircut. The patchy golden highlights between the original hairs add a blessing to the brunette straight locks.

2. Adorable Long Curls

Adorable Long Curls

With the execution of this beautiful hairstyle, you can have perfect side-parted long curls, which look so soft and bouncy. It works pretty well to frame the face shapes and looks like a cute barbie doll.

3. Graceful Wedding Hairstyle

Graceful Wedding Hairstyle

Out of a lot, this Olivia Wilde hairstyle looks just pure and decent. The messily-tousled wavy-length hairs give a perfect enduring and erotically romantic look, not so formal. 

4. Chic Straight Haircut

Chic Straight Haircut

Pretty brunette locks in a well-trimmed simple haircut, this Olivia Wilde haircut gives a brown curly end gently. This can be a versatile hairstyle design for any woman, and one can go for it without any hesitation. 

5. Olivia Wilde’s Elegant Updos

Olivia Wilde's Elegant Updos

This Olivia Wilde hairstyle suits her whenever one opts for an elegant and tidy outlook. With some rough shags to the hair knot, a dull look suddenly becomes youthful and trendy. 

6. Alluring Side-swept Hairstyle

Alluring Side-swept Hairstyle

While at home, one may opt for this minimal makeup and a casual chic-chic wavy hairstyle, then have messy hair and a dirty look. This Olivia Wilde hairstyle can make you always find it attractive.

7. Cute Ponytails With Bangs

Cute Ponytails With Bangs

A little front-lined hair with a good ponytail looks bang out of nowhere. It can provide you an acute and attractive look with almost zero doings, that also immediately. 

8. Olivia Wilde’s Voluminous Long Curls

Olivia Wilde's Voluminous Long Curls

These long curls are so dramatic with thick blunt bangs that they may hide your square corners on the face and can make a face look smaller in real.   

9. Sunny Long Wavy Hairstyle

Sunny Long Wavy Hairstyle

This Olivia Wilde hairstyle can make you look fresh and full of life within no time. This can make your hair feel having subtle wave-like moments, and it looks fantastic.

10. Super-Chic Ponytail

Super-Chic Ponytail

This sleek ponytail gives an absolute superstar look within minutes with the black-teased locks. The women who are continuing their careers may opt for this look more often.

11. Olivia Wilde’s Sexy Medium Wavy Haircut

Olivia Wilde's Sexy Medium Wavy Haircut

This center-parted hairstyle always looks excellent for the round-faced ones, and the subtle waves on the lengths make it look more cheerful and vivacious. It just looks exquisite. 

12. Beautiful Half-up Half-down Hairstyle

Beautiful Half-up Half-down Hairstyle

This Olivia Wilde Hairstyle draws an innocent look and an adorable young one with this half-up and half-down hairstyle. This suits mostly the younger women and can be used for any occasion. 

13. Graceful Straight Haircut

Graceful Straight Haircut

This side-parted straight haircut is a perfect way to present the virtuous image and makes the deep side-parting images look sexier and trendier.

14. Olivia Wilde’s Messily-tousled Medium Hairstyle 

Olivia Wilde's Messily-tousled Medium Hairstyle 

One can get a casual-chic look effortlessly with this tousled haircut. These side-swept bangs make a face look soft, sweet, and cute in literal ways. 

15. Gorgeous Long Curls 

Gorgeous Long Curls 

With blonde hair, one can get a brighter complexion, which may look whiter and brighter. If you are not satisfied with your color tone, you may go for these blonde hair looks, making you look glamorous. 

16. Vivacious Long Curls With The Bangs

Vivacious Long Curls With The Bangs

To have an adorable and trendy hairstyle, it is just that, the soft curls on the lower sections and smooth straight hair on the upper section for a young woman. It can look fabulous for every occasion.

17. Adorable Medium Curls 

Adorable Medium Curls 

When Olivia Wilde pings the bangs back, these medium waves also look so pretty and become adorable. It also suits every occasion and gives a cute hairstyle. 

18. Messy Side-parted Hairstyle 

Messy Side-parted Hairstyle 

Just sweep your bangs aside to cover half of your face, tease your locks fluffily and loosely, and then you can get this fantastic, mysterious look. One can rock this hairstyle for any shopping or party. 

19. Stylish Medium Curls 

Stylish Medium Curls 

The medium locks embrace Olivia’s pretty face and hide the square corners on the sides. Instead of dullness, these curves look textured rather. It suits every casual occasion.

20. Fantastic Ponytail 

Fantastic Ponytail 

Olivia Wilde gets a youthful and vivacious look with this interesting ponytail, and we all know that blunt bangs can lessen the age and frame the face.

21. Trendy Long Curls with The Highlights 

Trendy Long Curls with The Highlights 

A trendy hairstyle comes out when long curls come across the highlights. The bright highlights add allure to the pretty long curls. 

22. Retro-chic Shaggy Wavy Hairstyle 

Retro-chic Shaggy Wavy Hairstyle 

With this retro-chic hairstyle, a voguish look comes out in Olivia Wilde. The light brunette voluminous curls are textured and stylish. 

23. Pretty Medium Wavy Haircut 

Pretty Medium Wavy Haircut 

The side-parted bangs and the soft waves of this hairstyle are casual-chic. Olivia Wilde looks so sunny and fabulous with this ombre medium haircut. 

24. Amazing Soft Wavy Hairstyle 

Amazing Soft Wavy Hairstyle 

The shorter layers achieve the jawline and frame her square face well. The fluffy hairs contrast the looks dramatically. 

25. Straight Haircut with Bangs 

Straight Haircut with Bangs 

An ultra-straight one and having no layers is this Olivia Wilde Hairstyle. The completely straight silhouette will make a face look longer, so it’s not great for long faces.

26. Layered Straight Haircut With The Bangs 

Layered Straight Haircut With The Bangs 

The wispy bangs make them look brisk and super cute, and the layers add movement to the hair. It is a fascinating one and looks great on everyone.

27. Olivia Wilde’s Lovely Classic Bun 

Olivia Wilde's Lovely Classic Bun 

The lovely classic bun is elegant yet fantastic. It works well for women in the work fields to bring you a sophisticated look.

28. Olivia Wilde’s Stylish Ponytail 

Olivia Wilde's Stylish Ponytail 

This fringe-free ponytail is more suited for a unique and elegant look! This brings a leadership aura out of nowhere.

29. Cheerful Ponytail with Bangs 

Cheerful Ponytail with Bangs 

This Olivia Wilde Hairstyle brings out a cheerful and lively look and turns a woman into a girl again.

30. Pretty Bobby Pinned Updo 

Pretty Bobby Pinned Updo 

With this decent yet straightforward updo, one can go for a gorgeous look. One strand of the hair has been fixed along the forehead to add movement. It’s the best option for any formal occasion.