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40+ Eye-catching Sunset Hair Colors for a Bold New Look

women with sunset hair

Are you ready to make a statement with your hair this season?

Then check out the amazing selection of sunset hair colors! With over 40 options ranging from vibrant oranges to deep purples, there’s sure to be something that’ll add a unique and eye-catching touch to your look.

Whether you want to update your current style or try something completely new, these sunset hair colors will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

So why not bring the warmth and beauty of a sunset into your daily style with these incredible hair color ideas!

1. Ombre Purple to Orange Hair

Ombre Purple to Orange Hair

2. Blazing Mixture Hair

Blazing Mixture sunset Hair

3. Fiery Streaks Hair

Fiery Streaks sunset Hair

4. Day to Night Sunset Hair

Day to Night Sunset Hair

5. Moving Lava Hair

Moving Lava sunset Hair

6. Fading Purple Hair

Fading Purple sunset Hair

7. Purple Flow Hair

Purple Flow sunset Hair

8. Wavy Ribbons Hair

Wavy Ribbons sunset Hair

9. Morning Braids Hair

Morning Braids sunset Hair

10. Melting Rocks Hair

Melting Rocks  sunset Hair

11. Splash Hues Hair

Splash Hues sunset Hair

12. Morning Sun Hair

Morning Sun sunset Hair

13. Galaxy Hair

Galaxy sunset Hair

14. Hidden Sun Hair

Hidden Sunset Hair

15. Furious Lava Hair

Furious Lava sunset Hair

16. Flowing Colors Hair

Flowing Colors sunset Hair

17. Burning Orchid Hair

Burning Orchid sunset Hair

18. Drowning Sun Hair

Drowning Sunset Hair

19. Rainbow Waterfall Hair

Rainbow Waterfall sunset Hair

20. Dusk Till Dawn Hair

Dusk Till Dawn sunset Hair

21. Pinky End Hair

Pinky End sunset Hair

22. Straight Lavender Hair

Straight Lavender sunset Hair

23. Falling Rainbow Hair

Falling Rainbow sunset Hair

24. Gold Rain Hair

Gold Rain sunset Hair

25. Sun Bun Hair

Sunset Bun Hair

26. Peeking Teal Hair

Peeking Teal sunset Hair

27. Glowing Streaks Hair

Glowing Streaks sunset Hair

28. Glaring Pink Hair

Glaring Pink sunset Hair

29. Motley Occur Hair

Motley Occur sunset Hair

30. Prismatic Bob Hair

Prismatic Bob sunset Hair

31. Neon Red Hair

Neon Red sunset Hair

32. Bricky Red Hair

Bricky Red sunset Hair

33. Rich Orange Braid Hair

Rich Orange Braid sunset Hair

34. Jazzy Waves Hair

Jazzy Waves sunset Hair

35. Graphic Ring Hair

Graphic Ring sunset Hair

36. Faded Hues Hair

Faded Hues sunset Hair

37. Vivid Rainbow Hair

Vivid Rainbow sunset Hair

38. Radiant Ringlet Hair

Radiant Ringlet sunset Hair

39. Peacock Hair

Peacock sunset Hair

40. Polychromatic Hair

Polychromatic sunset Hair

41. Garish Straight Hair

Garish Straight sunset Hair

42. Glowing Fire Hair 

Glowing Fire sunset Hair 

43. Fading Slate Hair

Fading Slate sunset Hair

44. Fiery Water Hair

Fiery Water sunset Hair

45. Bold Blue Hair 

Bold Blue sunset Hair 

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