40+ Colorful Sunset Hair Ideas You’ll Definitely Love

women with sunset hair

The blend of various colors to give sunset hair look fascinating. Colors are everyone’s favorite, and it brings a very cheerful vibe with them. Why not fill your hair with colors with these amazing hair color ideas.

This season, play with a variety of hair colors that will make you look like a princess of sunset with various shades. Are you ready to be a sunset girl? Let’s drive into the pool of colors for our hair.

1. Ombre Purple to Orange Hair

Ombre Purple to Orange Hair

The dark shade of purple is at the root of the hair. They are gradually changing to pink and then to orange. The tips are colored with yellow hues.

2. Blazing Mixture Hair

Blazing Mixture sunset Hair

The shiny bright orange at the crown of your head and the bright shade of yellow at the middle part of the hair.

3. Fiery Streaks Hair

Fiery Streaks sunset Hair

A warm shades collection will make your hair look extremely attractive. The Colors of pink, purple, and pink mixed with orange and yellow make a beautiful combination.

4. Day to Night Sunset Hair

Day to Night Sunset Hair

As the day starts with brightness and ends in blueish darkness, this hair is a beautiful depiction of that.

5. Moving Lava Hair

Moving Lava sunset Hair

Gleaming dark shades of pink and red seem like flowing lava. It will give you a very chic and cute look. It is one of the finest sunset hair color blend.

6. Fading Purple Hair

Fading Purple sunset Hair

The pinkish-purple shades fading down with your hair will give a perfect sunsetting effect. Your hair will glow like a beautiful sunny afternoon.

7. Purple Flow Hair

Purple Flow sunset Hair

The crown’s extremely gorgeous purple hair falls into the red-toned hair at the bottom. This sunset hair creates an exquisite look.

8. Wavy Ribbons Hair

Wavy Ribbons sunset Hair

What can be more beautiful than carrying colorful ribbons in your hair! This hair color will give you a voluminous jazzy look.

9. Morning Braids Hair

Morning Braids sunset Hair

Braided mermaid hair that too in shades of a bright morning. This hair will elevate your look.

10. Melting Rocks Hair

Melting Rocks  sunset Hair

Majestic subtle shades of grey and pink will give a vintage queen vibe. This look will never disappoint you.

11. Splash Hues Hair

Splash Hues sunset Hair

Beautiful curls painted with various colors will make you feel like a flower in spring.

12. Morning Sun Hair

Morning Sun sunset Hair

Blonde hair with colorful highlights will make you stand out in the crowd adding extra gleaming shine to your hair.

13. Galaxy Hair

Galaxy sunset Hair

This hair is a combination of various colors that will make your hair look like a galaxy.

14. Hidden Sun Hair

Hidden Sunset Hair

Shades of pink at the top layer of your hair and yellows in the underlayer make this hair very interesting and fun!

15. Furious Lava Hair

Furious Lava sunset Hair

Hair like molten lava, with shades of yellows, oranges, and red, will make you attracted to every crowd.

16. Flowing Colors Hair

Flowing Colors sunset Hair

The color-changing waves are perfect-looking hair forever occasion it gives a very playful and fun vibe. 

17. Burning Orchid Hair

Burning Orchid sunset Hair

This color combination gives the effect of burning; the transition of color is amazing and will make your hair extremely attention-grabbing.

18. Drowning Sun Hair

Drowning Sunset Hair

With shades of the sun in the hair, Brunette hair will make you look like sunshine.

19. Rainbow Waterfall Hair

Rainbow Waterfall sunset Hair

A Colorful waterfall in your hair can be better than that; rock every day in the summer with jazzy colorful hair.

20. Dusk Till Dawn Hair

Dusk Till Dawn sunset Hair

This glamour of shades of blue signifies dusk and the yellow and orange in the bottom parts signify dawn. This hair color is so thoughtful.

21. Pinky End Hair

Pinky End sunset Hair

Shades of indigo in the roots and the whole length covered with bubble gum pinky are trendy hair colors. Go for it, girl!

22. Straight Lavender Hair

Straight Lavender sunset Hair

Colorful strands on straight hair, what can be more beautiful than that. Lavender is a very pretty color, and the addition of golden strands in between makes it more interesting.

23. Falling Rainbow Hair

Falling Rainbow sunset Hair

A subtle, faded variety of colors makes it super stylish and gives a charming look to short hair.

24. Gold Rain Hair

Gold Rain sunset Hair

Golden tips with yellow highlights at the end and the crown part covered with dark, gleaming red are best for girls’ fair complexion.

25. Sun Bun Hair

Sunset Bun Hair

Summers bring trendy hairstyles with them, and this colorful sunny hair color gives a very chic and unique look.

26. Peeking Teal Hair

Peeking Teal sunset Hair

Shades of pink, orange, and teal make a very bubbly combination, and if you are a shy girl, this will definitely be a great choice.

27. Glowing Streaks Hair

Glowing Streaks sunset Hair

Violet highlights at the root of the crown, followed by purple shades and, later on, some yellow splashes on the end. This color combination will look amazing on straight hair.

28. Glaring Pink Hair

Glaring Pink sunset Hair

Curly waves plus this princess combination of hair is perfect for every occasion. You can never be wrong with this color.

29. Motley Occur Hair

Motley Occur sunset Hair

A set of motley warm colors to stony yellow and subtle pink is a beautiful combo.

30. Prismatic Bob Hair

Prismatic Bob sunset Hair

This pixie haircut will look absolutely jazzy when colored with this combination.

31. Neon Red Hair

Neon Red sunset Hair

Neon is the best option when you want to be funky and look fabulous. Looks fantastic in the party season.

32. Bricky Red Hair

Bricky Red sunset Hair

Cinnamon bright red on the crown and bricky shades of brown and yellow is a very decent kind of colorful hair.

33. Rich Orange Braid Hair

Rich Orange Braid sunset Hair

Orange, pink, and yellow strands, a mixture of warm colors, are perfect for a sunny summer day.

34. Jazzy Waves Hair

Jazzy Waves sunset Hair

Waves of colors, what can be more beautiful than that. It will elevate your overall look and will make you look sexy.

35. Graphic Ring Hair

Graphic Ring sunset Hair

Subtle shades of onion pink and shiny shades of golden yellow. Thus graphic hair is an excellent pick for a funky outlook.

36. Faded Hues Hair

Faded Hues sunset Hair

Faded hues will always give a very subtle and a bit decent-looking appearance. It’s a bit risky color combination, but it can be real fun if done correctly.

37. Vivid Rainbow Hair

Vivid Rainbow sunset Hair

If you have long wavy hair, this hair color will be a great choice. Make your permanent crown look gorgeous.

38. Radiant Ringlet Hair

Radiant Ringlet sunset Hair

Voluminous curly hair with a mixture of a variety of colors. The hair starts with smooth violet and indigo and melts into a fiery red.

39. Peacock Hair

Peacock sunset Hair

This beautiful combination of hair colors will make you look excellently gorgeous. This will resemble you with a peacock.

40. Polychromatic Hair

Polychromatic sunset Hair

This stylish turned-up bun will look exquisite when done on colorful hair like this one.

41. Garish Straight Hair

Garish Straight sunset Hair

Flowing warm shades of pink and orange can never be the wrong option! This is a very chunky and cute hair color 

42. Glowing Fire Hair 

Glowing Fire sunset Hair 

A burning bricky shade of dark burgundy and the lighter shades in the tips is amazingly charming.

43. Fading Slate Hair

Fading Slate sunset Hair

Subtle cool shades of bubble gum pink and lavender are a great option when you want something less eye-grabbing or gleaming.

44. Fiery Water Hair

Fiery Water sunset Hair

This beautiful color mixture will give you a look of an ancient queen. This is a statement of hair color.

45. Bold Blue Hair 

Bold Blue sunset Hair 

Using primary shades in your hair is a fascinating approach. These dark and shiny tones of color, from midnight blue to garnish orange, are exquisitely eye-catching.