Tarte Waterproof Mascara – Everything You Need To Know / Review

Tarte Waterproof Mascara

For a complete skincare routine, we often find makeup essential in completing our beautiful appearance. For that reason, investing in quality mascara will be a plus. The Tarte brand has done good work, especially with developing quality makeup products, including mascara. For this reason, Tarte waterproof mascara happens to be among the best mascara types that the Tarte brand has developed.

With quality mascara, your makeup look will appear complete and balanced. Did you know that when your eyes appear beautiful, you will also appear beautiful more? Beautiful eyelashes and the entire eyes area contribute to approximately more than 50 percent of makeup beauty. You will therefore need to invest in quality mascara like the Tarte waterproof mascara.

Apart from diffusing the airflow into our eyes, eyelashes contribute to our beautiful general look. Artists even use eyelashes to distinguish among characters in their stories. For instance, cartoons like Minnie Mouse and Lola Bunny distinguished themselves from their perceived male counterparts by having longer eyelashes. Some people even think that adding a couple of eyelashes to your car converts it to a female car.

So you see, eyelashes play a preeminent role in defining the beauty in a lady.

What makes Tarte Waterproof Mascara Unique?

What makes Tarte Waterproof Mascara Unique?



The following qualities of Tarte waterproof mascara are unique and most preferred by most people.

  • It comes in a beautiful tube. This mascara formula has the most beautiful packaging out there. The purple color proves attractive, and it may end up adding to your interior decor. Also, carrying it along with you makes you confident even to do your eyelashes in public. Have you ever carried an ugly packaged product in public? It gets hard using it since you will fear being judged. But this will never be the case with the Tarte waterproof mascara. You will typically be carrying confidence with you.
  • This mascara has waterproof quality. Just like the name goes, this mascara formula will prove humidity resistant. What this means, not sweat, water spillages, or even rainfall will destroy your beautiful look. I remember long in the days when movie stars used non-waterproof mascaras. Do you remember they cried black tears? With this waterproof mascara, you will never feel ashamed when water finds itself on your face.
  • The small tube packaging compliments its portability. Have you ever had gigantic makeup compartments that meant you would not carry your makeup with you? These disappointments will not be the case with Tarte waterproof mascara. The small tube will fit even in your tiny handbag without a struggle. It will also occupy little space in there, enabling you to carry your regular porch items. You will not find it difficult to carry along during the day.
  • This mascara uses high-quality ingredients. To produce quality skincare and makeup products, you have to use the best ingredients you may ever get. Tarte brand has invested in the best they could find to bring you this fantastic mascara. It will not smudge or clump for up to 12 hours of applying. Do you know you will find it easy to remove too? This mascara will definitely wow you.
  • Works best for non-oily skin. From experience, I will say that the lesser oily your skin seems, the better the experience. Some people will complain that it doesn’t withstand the 24 hour time clock. I would say consider applying some eye shadow on your eyelashes base before using this mascara. An oily skin type tends to affect the longer timing and best look of this product.

How to apply Tarte Waterproof Mascara

  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin accordingly. A clean face contributes to clean eyelashes.
  • Apply some eye shadows on the root of the eyelashes for those with oily skin type
  • Apply the mascara from the bottom of your eyelashes to the top spreading it out. This mascara will help in adding volume to your lashes as the mascara formula sticks to the lashes.
  • Repeat this procedure twice for each eye to ensure you get perfect results
  • If there seem less voluminous, you may apply a third layer to make you look appealing
  •  Ensure you close the tube airtight after applying your mascara to prevent it from drying out.

Advantages of using this mascara product 

  • You will get the value of your money. Even if you spend a few dollars above your spending with regular mascara, the durability and quality of this Tarte waterproof mascara will be worth it. You will enjoy peaceful months with brilliant looks all along.
  • You will get to deal with a reputable brand. Over the years, the Tarte brand has gained popularity quickly among its users. You will get excellent customer service, great eyelashes experience, and safe financial dealings.
  • You will sharpen your look and appearance. All beauty products focus on bringing out the best looks in us. Otherwise, we would not need them. This mascara will add volume to your lashes, stiffen them, making them straight and long, and add to the blackness of the lashes. All these qualities will leave you beautiful and confident. Get yours today and unlock your beauty’s potential.


  • Easy appliance
  • Waterproof
  • Value for money
  • Adds beauty to the eyes
  • It makes your eyelashes more robust and much pronounced


  • Some people find it expensive

Final Thoughts

Do you work in moist environments often? Do you want waterproof mascara and give you confidence while crying (for your acting), under the rain, or excising? Then look no further. Buy your Tarte waterproof mascara today and do all these things without fear or worry. You will also add to your beauty and nourish your eyelashes with only one product. Make this right decision now, and let us know of your experience in the comment section.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mascaras bad for the eyes?

In some instances, mascara may cause inflammation and infection to the eyes. You need to remove the mascara before going to bed to prevent such instances. Follow the tips for a daily skincare routine to guarantee excellent results.

Does Tarte make waterproof mascara?

Yes, Tarte waterproof mascara gives you the perfect example of waterproof mascara from the Tarte brand. It will withstand rain, tears, or sweat for 12 hours straight.

Where is Tarte waterproof mascara made?

This fantastic makeup product gets manufactured in Italy but assembled in Taiwan to add volume and height to your lashes.