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You’re Not Travelling Right If You Don’t Have These Essentials Packed

travel essentials for 2022

Do you have a big trip coming up? Do you detest traveling because you never feel completely ready? Then this post is curated specifically for you. We have compiled a list of all the unique travel essentials for 2022, without which your trip will be incomplete. Don’t worry, our packing list doesn’t feature those obvious items, i.e., an extra pack of socks, sunniest, phone chargers, etc. Instead, this post consists of a list of travel essentials that will not only make your traveling easier but will elevate it to a whole another level. Let’s begin!

1. Undermask Face Mask

This amazing invention was at the top of our travel essentials list during covid; as you can see, it still is. As we all know, flights tend to dehydrate our skin. The covid protection face mask has proven to cause intense acne around the chin area (which is quite possibly the worst place as it’s the most visible). But don’t fret. There is an amazing solution to this issue.

This mask is applied to your chin and mouth area under your regular covid protection mask for the whole flight to keep that area hydrated and protected from breakouts. Get rid of mask acne without exposing yourself to a life-threatening illness.

2. Hexagon Magnetic Travel Containers by Cadence

These hexagon magnetic travel containers are TSA approved and 100% leak-proof. Each of these capsules can hold up to 0.56oz of product safely. These capsules come in a clear quart-sized bag, which can store up to 15 of them. This means you are not going to miss any part of your self-care routine. The best part is that you won’t lose them even if they are not placed in their plastic case because they stick together. Moreover, you can choose to purchase it in sets of 6 or 12 containers which are customizable in 10 different appealing colors.

3. Self-Defense Keychain

One of the top essential things to pack for traveling abroad is a self-defense keychain. No matter how many videos, articles, or books we read about a place, we can never know where, when, and how we could get mugged. Hence, keeping a self-defense kit when traveling abroad is a must, especially in countries where your language is not commonly spoken.

4. In Seat Pouch

Your sitting space is often limited while traveling, especially if you are on a budget. Hence, keeping a whole handbag in your space is often not the most convenient option. So, keep an “in-seat pouch” with yourself to store your travel-sized skincare essentials, your Air Pods, portable charger, disinfectant wipes, a spare face mask, and other such items that you’ll immediately need to remain put together.

5. Portable Solar Energy Charger

Another item on our travel essentials list is a portable solar energy charger. Most travel essentials kits recommend that you carry an EU adapter while traveling. However, the times have changed, and technology has emerged. Sure, you can also carry an EU adapter, but what will you do if even can’t find a plug? Hence, before you pack the adapter, get yourself a portable solar energy charger and never have your devices dying on you.

6. Water Wipes

This product is perfect for mommies who are traveling with their babies for the first time. It helps safeguard delicate skin while gently cleaning it. The best part is that they are biodegradable and completely environment friendly. Moreover, they come in a compact package, making them easier to carry around.

7. Travel Cord Roll

A travel cord roll is perfect for people who need to carry multiple cords for various devices. The product not only keeps your cords tidily tucked away but also protects them from breaking.

8. Luggage Travel Cup Holder

This tablet and beverage pouch can easily accommodate a 32oz drink and a 20oz water bottle in its other pocket. The main pocket has adequate depth for a book or tablet, and the interior material is soft enough to keep a screen protected from scratching. Moreover, a phone or passport fits well in the rear pocket. This product is ideal for anyone who struggles at the airport with carrying too many things in their limited number of just two hands.

9. Travel Door Alarm

Anyone who travels a lot, especially to places where adequate security is a major concern, must keep this gadget with them. After the Kim Kardashian robbery case in Paris, you can’t even trust the luxury hotels and resorts to provide you with a completely secure space.

This door stop alarm is made from a stainless-steel pressure plate and a non-slip bottom. Additionally, it comes with three sensitivity levels, i.e., low, medium, and high, and a 120 DB siren. The door stopper alarm will initially sound after the door is opened, frightening off any threats while also waking you up and giving you enough time to prepare for an escape.

10. Luggage Cleaning Balls

How many of you have spilled something inside your bag while traveling? Well, this product is here to save the day for many of us. To clean your dirty bag, you should place these mini cleaning balls inside the bag and shake it so it can collect the dirt, dust, and debris.

It comes with a revolving design and a spherical shape, and its shell is constructed from premium pressure-resistant materials that won’t squeak or bend. The outer shell shields the sticky ball, allowing it to completely serve your interests. The best part is that these cleaning balls are reusable. You can easily disassemble them, take them out, clean and then use them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clothes do I need for 1 month?

For someone who wants to travel light, 5-7 tops and 3-4 bottoms would be enough for 1 month. If you swap your two-piece outfits with dresses, then you will be able to make even more space without having to carry too much luggage.

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a suitcase?

Rolling your clothes is better than folding them as it protects them from retaining moisture from the flight and reduces the risk of wrinkling.

How do you put shoes in your luggage?

Before packing your shoes, dust them off and put them in a plastic bag. Furthermore, make sure you place them in a way that the heels and soles of both shoes are face opposite to each other.