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10 Must-Haves You Need To Pack As A Wedding Guest

10 Must-Haves You Need To Pack As A Wedding Guest

Are you going to a wedding? You may have already picked what you’ll wear on the wedding day. But let’s clarify one thing – you need to think more than “what gift to bring to a wedding?” when you are going to a wedding, especially in another city. In this post, we have curated the ultimate wedding packing list of items that will make the whole event a breeze for you.

Of course, your packing list will differ depending on where you’re going, where you will be staying, and how long you will be there. But here’s a terrific place to start for your weekend event. 

1. An Extra Outfit for All Events

Vanessa Halter Body-Con Midi Dress
Vanessa Halter Body-Con Midi Dress

This one is a must-have, especially for a destination wedding guest packing list. You may have chosen your outfits for the events but, anything can go wrong especially if the wedding crowd likes to party a little too hard. So, for every event that you are invited to carry an extra outfit, or pack one extra outfit that is versatile enough to be styled for any type of event. A basic cocktail dress that fits well is usually a nice choice. It may be dressed up or down easily for events before and after the big event. The beauty of solid colors is that they don’t clash or draw too much attention.

2. Your Invitation Card

Many hosts are rather particular with their guest list and tend to follow the “invitation card entry only” rule strictly. So, remember to keep your invitation card with yourself. Plus, it can come in handy when referring to the venue address, when needed.

3. An Appropriate Wedding Gift

It is usually considered rude to show up to a wedding without an appropriate gift. So, don’t be that kind of guest who comes empty-handed but, overextends their stay in every way possible. You are welcome to bring cash, cheques, cards, and other modest gifts to the reception, where you will immediately place them on the gift table. Larger presents, however, should be delivered directly to the couple’s residence; you can typically find the directions on the register.

4. Snacks

Remember to bring snacks if you have food allergies or specific dietary requirements. With some readily available snacks, such as granola bars or almonds, you can ward off hunger. Regardless of your dietary restrictions and food allergies, if you’re staying the night at a hotel for the ceremony, you should take some snacks as well.

5. An Extra Pair of Comfy Shoes

There’s a reason why so many guests conclude the night dancing barefoot on the dance floor. Your dress looks stunning with your high heels, but dancing in them all night long will ruin your feet. Think about bringing a pair of dressier sandals or ballerina flats for the reception as an alternative.

6. Emergency Care Bag

An emergency care bag is a must-have on a destination wedding packing list. Your emergency care bag should include an appropriate thread and needle that match the fabric and color of your outfits and a first aid kit especially, bandages to prevent blisters on your feet. It is best to prevent the issue than to attempt to cure it. So, before you wear your shoes, remember to apply the bandages on areas that tend to blister.

7. Allergy Medications and Tools

People who have allergies are aware that various seasons might worsen their symptoms. Bring your chosen allergy medication if you’re attending an outdoor wedding on a farm, park, or other outdoor location.

8. A Layer to Match Your Outfit

When the nighttime temperature starts to rise, that little dress could seem a bit cool. Bring a lightweight sweater or jacket to remain warm while the sun sets. Cropped cuts that don’t interfere with the shape of your dress, like this ruffled cardigan, are a terrific choice. Pick a look that complements the season and dress code.

9. Folding Fan or A Mini Electric Fan

The temperature at the wedding can make or break your experience. Nothing is more off-putting than sweating at a wedding. All your preparations go to waste, and you look awful in the wedding pictures. What could be worse than that? At a wedding? Nothing! So, pack something to fan yourself and remain cool and sweatproof at the ceremony that you are supposed to enjoy not, suffer.

10. Windproof Travel Umbrella

Nobody wants their expensive clothing to get wet when running through a harsh and unforgiving downpour, so be prepared with a little umbrella that may also serve as sun protection during hot summer events. This sturdy, portable umbrella will keep you dry and protected from the wind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guests should not do at a wedding?

This entirely depends on the culture but, in general, you should avoid overdressing or matching with the bride or groom, do not go empty-handed, and ensure that nothing you do should steal the spotlight from the bride and groom.

How much cash should you give at a wedding?

Some people bring wedding gifts while other guests prefer giving cash to avoid gifting something the bride and groom wouldn’t enjoy. Most wedding guests give a wedding gift of roughly $150 to $160 on average. However, according to etiquette experts, the minimal sum is roughly $75.

What do you wear to a wedding?

When deciding your wedding guest outfit, your main focus should be on following the required theme and not overshadowing the bride and groom on their big day. Men should wear a black tuxedo, a white dress shirt, and a complementing bow tie with dress shoes, such as oxfords. Women can dress up in a long gown or a cocktail dress.

How early should a guest arrive at a wedding?

The ideal arrival time for guests is 30 minutes prior to the ceremony’s scheduled start time. If you are late to the ceremony, slink to the back row or wait for the organizer or usher to direct you to your place.

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