How do you love your eyelashes done? When it comes to beauty, you will need to take care of all places on your face to make a perfect look. So as much as you may create a skincare routine for your skin, taking care of your eyelashes proves crucial too.

Tarte maneater mascara comes to do precisely that. This product has been designed specifically for your eyelashes to give you a unique look on your eyes. For you to stand out after your regular skincare routine, your eyes should receive all the attention they need. You will achieve this by using the best mascara product out there.

Tarte Maneater Mascara

Tarte Maneater Mascara - Everything You Need To Know / Review

Do you want to find your ultimate mascara for your lashes? Investing in quality mascara from a reputable brand guarantees your eye safety and good health. Remember, eyes, just like all organs, need critical care. So whatever product that involves usage on your eyes should guarantee you the safety of use.

Qualities of the Tarte Maneater Mascara

  • It has a lightweight triple-black formula. When you look for the perfect mascara, you only need to get that super black product. One thing with pure black mascara, this type will leave your eyelashes more pronounced, giving them full attention. Black mascara will also match with all outfits, and you will get a sharp facial look no matter the type and color of clothes you choose. The lightweight quality makes the eyelashes feel and appear light, unlike the heavyweight ones, which already give you a tired look. So, when you need the most lightweight and extra black mascara, always think of the Tarte maneater mascara.
  • The brush has over 500 flexible bristles. Have you ever bought a mascara set and found yourself with a poorly made meeting? If you get an encounter with a few strands, not only does it brush your eyelashes incorrectly, but it also applies the mascara formula unevenly. This means that you end up with undesirable eyelashes and do not turn out as beautiful as you wanted. Consider purchasing this mascara today and enjoy beautiful, black, thick, and longer lashes. The lashes end up curling from the root up to provide you with a fluttery eyelashes look.
  • The mascara formula comes in a beautiful package. The mix of colors in an artistic design will attract your eyes. These beautiful prints will add to the decor of your makeup kit to bring in a fantastic experience. With an attractive package, you may also carry it anywhere you like.
  • Portable and easy to carry. Tarte has updated and developed the latest packaging for this mascara. You will find it comfortable and easy to maintain since it fits perfectly in small-sized handbags. Some makeup may prove difficult to carry due to their large size. You will enjoy having this mascara with you for easy makeup fixes.

How to use the Tarte Maneater Mascara

  • Cleanse your face and do your desired skincare routine.
  • You may choose to do your eyelashes before your makeup to avoid undesired spillages.
  • Coat the brush with the triple-black mascara formula
  • Apply on your lashes in a zigzag manner
  • Do the zigzag mode of application from the base of the lashes to the top
  • Apply the mascara on the corners using the fanned bristles at the top of the custom made brush
  • To achieve a denser look, apply two coats of the mascara
  • Return the brush into the mascara container and seal it airtight

Advantages of using the Tarte Maneater Mascara

  • It gives you a confident eyelashes appearance. Everyone will notice how elegant your lashes will become with the triple black mascara formula. Don’t struggle with poor-quality mascara out there. Instead, buy your Tarte maneater mascara today and realize your beautiful lashes.
  • The mascara will provide nourishment and stamina to your lashes. The ingredients enhance the strengthening of your lashes. Poor quality mascara brands will weaken your lashes and even cause inflammations and infections. Tarte has safe ingredients that will guarantee healthy eyelashes all day long.
  • You will get to purchase from a reputable brand. The Tarte brand focuses on producing quality products for your beautiful experience. With an excellent reputation and expertise, you may use their products worry-free.
  • Easy to use. With the quality of this mascara, you will find it easy to apply to your lashes. It dries quickly, and even after sweating, it doesn’t come out with the sweat.


  • Easy to use
  • Best quality
  • Perfect packaging
  • Lovely and elegant bristles for the brush
  • Portable
  • Incredibly black


  • Some people find it costly
  • If left to sleep on may cause inflammation in some people

Final Thoughts

Have you wanted to get the perfect mascara for your eyes? Tarte maneater mascara will be the ideal choice for you. From the ingredients, packaging to how quality it is, you will enjoy using it. But, don’t let the chance to stand out with beautiful lashes go unnoticed. Ensure you get your Tarte maneater mascara today and make your lashes the best they ever were. Remember to take precautions and wash off all makeup, including washing off mascara, before bedtime. With Tarte maneater mascara, you will walk with the confidence of incredible looks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does mascara make your eyelashes longer?

The thickening, straightening, and fluttery appearance made by mascara on your lashes will make them appear longer. Mascara may not necessarily contribute to the growth of lashes, but its impact makes lashes appear longer and beautiful. Some mascara, however, contains ingredients that may boost the growth of lashes.

What does mascara do to your lashes?

Mascara makes your lashes stiff, straightened out, and more appealing. It would help if you remembered to wash it off before bedtime to prevent lash breakage and chances of developing an infection.

Are mascaras bad for your eyes?

Continued exposure to mascara may be harmful to your eyelashes. They may cause inflammation or infection if left on the eyelashes overnight.