Every Shade of Your Mom’s Lipstick, According to Your Beauty Essentials

every shade of your moms lipstick

Every shade of your mom’s lipstick will count if you love beautiful looks. Although we consider the opinion of makeup artists and TikTok influencers more, your mom could recommend an amazing beauty product. Other women and moms have genuine opinions on makeup products from tried experiences. Considering their take on every shade of your moms […]

15 Best Gel Eyeliners That Will Make You Look Your Baddest

Gel Eyeliners

As makeup keeps evolving, the best gel eyeliners have made work easier. Eyeliners function to define our eyes, giving them a beautiful cosmetic look. When we apply eyeliners to the contours of our eyes, we end up looking beautiful and elegant. It gives the eyes the attention they need amidst our makeup looks. The cosmetic […]

Can You Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions? Here’s What You Need To Know

Muslim woman applying mascara

Can you put mascara in eyelash extensions? In the world of glamour, the long, rich eyelashes women have, not all of them are real. Eyelash extension is a very vital part of a woman’s beauty. Mascara is the thing women are most obsessed with. They cannot keep mascara out of their cosmetic list. But here, […]

Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions – Everything You Need to Know

eyelash extensions

I was an addict to eyelash extensions, and it create many problems that is the reason why I stopped eyelash extensions. My eyes were habituated with all the adhesive and extra lashes, but soon with time, the troublesome reasons started showing up. My natural lashes were ruined; it was falling off too easily. I regret […]

Tarte Micellar Makeup Remover – Everything You Need To Know

Tarte Micellar Makeup Remover

Of course, you must have heard of the famous Tarte Micellar makeup remover. Wearing makeup compliments our beauty. It boosts our beauty’s confidence greatly. Most people with pimples, acne and black sports will prefer doing makeup to achieve their ultimate beautiful look. If done properly, makeup might be a daily routine since we always feel […]

10 Affordable Better Than Sex Mascara Dupe Alternatives

Better Than Sex Mascara Dupe

Better than sex mascara brand has proven to be among the best mascara brands. Did you know that your eye makeup plays a significant role in your appearance? With properly done eyes, your facial beauty receives a boost. To achieve this beautiful look, you will also need the best products. The better than sex mascara […]

Tiktok’s New Highly Rated Anti-Gravity Mascara Hype

Highly Rated Anti-Gravity Mascara

Beauty comes in small bits that, when combined, give the ultimate beautiful look. Eye beauty has become one major area of focus in recent times. You will not tell me you have an attractive look without me checking your eyebrows and lashes. Talking of lashes, what mascara do you find impressive and a must-do? In […]

30 Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Products For a Stunning Look      

Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Products

You will need to look beautiful this Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow to embrace the day with confidence. To ensure you look good, it includes wearing your makeup right. The best makeup includes doing your eye makeup perfectly. Your mascara, lashes and eyebrow should look spectacular. Your Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow look should not disappoint too. We have […]

30 Amazing Valentine’s Day Makeup Palette Products For Best Results

Valentine’s Day Makeup Palette Products

When it comes to makeup, you need nothing but the best products. These Valentine’s Day Makeup Palette Products constitutes one of the vital makeup areas. Did you know that with beautiful eyes, you look gorgeous already? The eyes and lips define how beautiful we turn out. Next time you’re doing your makeup, make the eyes […]

20 Stunning Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Looks To Recreate

Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Looks

Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow has become a norm to enhance the appearance of your eyes as it plays a significant role in how your makeup looks. Eyeshadow comes in powder form, although you may also find others in liquid, cream, pencil, or mousse. Eyeshadow completes our beauty by adding dimension and depth in the eyes, complements […]