I was an addict to eyelash extensions, and it create many problems that is the reason why I stopped eyelash extensions. My eyes were habituated with all the adhesive and extra lashes, but soon with time, the troublesome reasons started showing up.

My natural lashes were ruined; it was falling off too easily. I regret the years I have made my real lashes suffer. Eyelash extensions are nothing but slow poison; at the beginning, they made my lashes fuller and luscious, but their cruel side was exposed with time.

What Is Eyelash Extension? 

Eyelash extension is nothing but fake lashes attached to your real lashes. It is a cosmetic that can change your look of lashes, and it will make them voluminous, curled, and longer. Lash extensions are synthetic, faux, or semi-permanent silk fibers and are stuck with formulated adhesive to the real lashes. Eyelash extension has the power to change your overall look. 

Eyelash extensions are different from fake lashes, and these lashes are attached to your skin, giving a naturally dense and voluminous look to your eyelash.

Various Types Of Eyelash Extensions

According to your needs and preference, there is a range of eyelash extensions to choose from. Each type provides a different kind of look.

The most natural-looking eyelash extension is the classic eyelash extension. It has a 1:1 ratio, which means it corresponds to one natural eyelash with one extension. It aids in the attainment of length and volume that is both eye-catching and natural.

The purpose of volume eyelash extensions is to give your face a more attractive and dramatic appearance. While classic has a 1:1 ratio, the volume has a 1:3 or 1:5 ratio, depending on your needs. This means that one natural eyelash has 3 or 5 extensions.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of both volume and classic eyelash extensions, as the name suggests. It’s a mix of classic and volume eyelashes, with 70% traditional and 30% volume.

The Process of Eyelash Extensions

I went through the process of eyelash extensions, which was time taking and long. I was sitting in a chair, and my eyes were closed, and a protective paper mask was put under my eyes. Then the eyelids were tapped together to expose the lash. Then a semi-permanent adhesive is put on, and I could feel them adding lashes to it; then, a fan is put on my face to dry it. When I was shown the mirror, it was extremely glamorous.

Irritation and Infections

Eyelashes extension needs proper sanitation and proper putting on the extended eyelashes. If it is not done properly, it has a high risk of swelling, irritation, or infection. The professional should do a patch test before applying eyelash extension to check whether the woman is free from allergies. Even if the person does not have any allergies, she may feel irritated due to the glue used as it contains many chemicals in it. It is one of the crucial reason why I stopped eyelash extensions.

Financial Investment

Eyelash extension is a never-ending process. Doing it once does not stop the process. We need to refill it every 2 to e weeks, and the extension remains for only 6 weeks. So it harms your finances.

High Maintenance

Eyelash extension is costly and needs to be taken care of delicately. We need to do our daily work like sleeping, bathing, washing our face, etc., very carefully as it has chances of damaging the extensions.

Will Your Natural Eyelashes Grow Back After Extensions?

Most of the time, the natural eyelashes are damaged when eyelash extension is done. But the good news is they grow back in maximum cases. The growth of eyelashes has to go through many stages. They are:-

How Long Do They Last?

In eyelash extensions, the fake extensions are attached to the natural eyelashes. So its lasting time is equal to the eyelash growth circle. Its time range varies from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Generally, it is six weeks, but if you take care of your eyelashes by applying conditioner and by combining them gently, the time extends to 8 weeks.

Alternatives To Eyelashes Extensions 

Some alternatives for eyelash extensions are 

Solutions You Can Opt For Before Quitting

I took several steps before quitting eyelash extensions, and it was to make my real lash grow healthier. These products and methods can be used to get back to the actual state of your lashes.


That is why and how I quit my lash extensions journey; I wish I had known the drawbacks earlier; it could have saved my real lashes. Now is the time to take care of the natural healthy lashes with proper care. There are many reasons why I stopped eyelash extensions, and you might have faced them too. You can try to use the alternative solution, but don’t get addicted to it.