50 Best Valentine Day Nails That Will Highlight Your Looks

red heart nails for valentines day

Valentine Day Nails has always been unique. Did you know Valentine’s Day started as a Christian feast to celebrate an early martyr called Saint Valentine? Over the years, this feast grew into a whole culture and tradition. It gets celebrated in many countries on the 14th of February. Most cultures give this day unique importance […]

50 Best Valentine French Nails Perfect For Your Special Day

Valentine French Nails

Valentine has approached, and you need the best nails to rock the season in a unique style. Initially, we have known Valentine French nails to comprise a primary nail polish, mostly pink, with a band of white polish at its tip. As fashion improves, you may do the French nails with a mix of other […]

50 Simple Heart Nail Designs That Will Amaze You

Simple Heart Nail Designs

Recently, simple heart nail designs have become really popular. The heart shape is a symbol of love, so it’s no surprise people love it. We’ve collected 50 easy and cute heart nail designs for you to try. You can do them yourself or show them to your nail artist for ideas. Remember, your nails can […]

30 Unique Coffin Nails Ideas For 2022

Coffin Nails

You can’t go wrong with these Coffin Nails Ideas. Nails that are intentionally and specifically shaped in square-like shapes are known as Coffin nail ideas. They are not too impossible to achieve, but their appearance can quite easily differentiate them. You are going to enjoy them the most if you are having a prom night […]

The Best 30 Almond Nail Design Ideas to Try Now

Almond Nail Design

Normally people never mind it, but nails do play a vital role in the outlook of someone. These Almond Nail Design Ideas will sure inspire you. Once someone starts having chips in the nails, the next moment, the one starts brainstorming how to get rid of it, or what should be the next manicure. To […]

30 Beautiful Christmas Candy Cane Nails You’ll Love

Christmas Candy Cane Nails

Do you fancy Christmas Candy Cane nails? For the Christmas festivities, the candy cane nail design emphasizes the importance of Jesus’ birth. This design gets done mostly in stripes, with the white and red stripes being common. Do you know the symbolic meaning behind the stripes? The red stripes signify the blood of Jesus, while […]

Make Your Nails Festive with These 50 Christmas Nail Colors

Christmas Nail Colors

We all get the urge to be looking all good in December. With beauty, comes Christmas nail colors inspo. We wish to do something unique and beautiful, from fashion to makeup to our nails. Talk of nails, and this article will give you all the answers. You also need to choose amazing colors as you […]

30 Christmas Nail Art Designs In 2021 You’ll Instantly Love

Christmas Nail Art Designs

We will need to have our nails looking extremely beautiful during the Christmas festive season. You may choose to decorate your natural nails or have artificial nails with beautiful decorations. Whether gel, acrylic or natural nails with beautiful polish, you need the best Christmas nail art designs to enjoy this Christmas in stylish fingernails/toenails. You […]

American vs French Manicure : What You Need To Know

American vs French Manicure

There have been several debates about American vs. French Manicure for a decade. Getting attention and opportunities are the perks of being beautiful or handsome. However, when it comes to American vs. French Manicure, there is an essential factor that no one can skip. How does one tell the difference in American vs. French Manicure? […]

Trending Fall Nail Colors You Need To Know – 2022

fall nail colors

They say it is true that – “For a woman, sometimes the fall nail colors ought to shine more than her lip gloss.” We guess it is not just a drag after all. The craze for trendy nail looks has been on the board lately. Every one out of three females wants to give her […]